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Bottega Veneta Fashion Show FW 2020 Milan
Bottega Veneta Fashion Show FW 2020

An explosion of vitality and movement, the Fall 2020 collection celebrates a sublime evolution. Rooted in a new dimension. Immersed in a dream. A poetic sensuality pervades every garment. The security of the vulnerability. Pure self-expression.

Rich wax palettes enhance the depth of the black colors;scarlet, lollipop, kiwi and chocolate. Elongated silhouettes wrap and adhere to the body. Refined comfort and warmth.

The delicate nuances of socks and bandages recall the curves and sinuosities of the body. Joy. Grace. Form. The braided continues to emerge, revolutionized by modernity.

The tension between tradition and innovation. Delicate family heirlooms glisten behind amplified fringes and perverse layers. A sense of loss and discovery. Hypnotic ornaments blend and move beyond intimacy.

Staff. Comforting. Sensitive. A fascinating journey through everyday life. A new elegance suitable for any eventuality.

FW 2020-21 Bottega Veneta Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Bottega Veneta
FW 2020-21 Fashion Show Bottega Veneta
Fall 2020 Womenswear Bottega Veneta
Winter 2020 Fashion Trends Bottega Veneta

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Bottega Veneta Fashion Show SS 2020 Milan
Bottega Veneta Fashion Show SS 2020


“Spring 2020 evolves the codes we are building at Bottega Veneta. Our focus is on process and clarity; immediate and direct.” Daniel Lee, Creative Director.

This collection plays with proportion, soft structure cutting through tension and technique with a clean new ease. The balance of colour is calm, bold, rich and defined in black, chocolate brown, gold, tapioca, orange and tones of blue.

Jewellery disrupts the silhouette, weaving through tactile surfaces. Classicism contrasts modernism with refined techniques: knot, weave and knit. Materials feature in their purest form: Wood, gold, lacquer, stone, leather, cotton and the body.

Accessories resonate with the attitude of beauty and comfort. Uncompromising and unstructured, contrasts are essential. Collage, texture and nuance; each a continuous extension of each other. Bottega Veneta embodies warmth, desire, joy and celebration. An elevated reality to live in.

“Bottega Veneta is about the individual, it’s for you.” Daniel Lee, Creative Director.


SS 2020 Bottega Veneta Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Bottega Veneta
SS 2020 Fashion Show Bottega Veneta
Spring 2020 Womenswear Bottega Veneta
Men Summer 2020 Fashion Trends Bottega Veneta

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Bottega Veneta Fashion Show FW 2019 Milan

Bottega Veneta© Copyright 2019

Bottega Veneta’s Fall 2019 collection is a celebration of freedom, self-expression and sensuality. Creative Director Daniel Lee’s first runway show for the house is an exercise in elevated detail, noble materials and energetic silhouette.

While the quiet craft central to Bottega Veneta’s identity is still present, Fall 2019 brings a sharp injection of modernity to traditional technique, turning up the volume. Combining the human hand with technology and process, the result is simultaneously classic and contemporary.

A viewpoint on the house’s Italian origins seen through today’s global lens offers another visible tension – the conspicuous and the refined, high and low, hedonism and intellect. The season’s palette is also a reflection on this discussion, chemical hues and shimmering embellishment meet natural tones and everyday colour.

Presenting a new vocabulary for Bottega Veneta, leather and the house’s Intrecciato weave is reinterpreted and evolved. Polished dresses and layered knitwear pair with armour-like outerwear, sharp tailoring and confident accessories.

Ultimately, the aim of this season’s collection is a simple one, to evoke emotion – pleasure and joy, desire and beauty.


Bottega Veneta Fashion Show FW 2019
FW 2019-20 Bottega Veneta Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Bottega Veneta
FW 2019-20 Fashion Show Bottega Veneta
Fall 2019 Womenswear Bottega Veneta
Winter 2019 Fashion Trends Bottega Veneta

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Bottega Veneta Fashion Show FW 2018 New-York
Bottega Veneta Fashion Show FW 2018 Womenswear


From Milan to Manhattan. This season, Bottega Veneta presents its Fall / Winter 2018 women’s and men’s collections for one season only in New York City to celebrate the opening of the new Maison flagship store at 740 Madison Avenue.

With its longtime motto “When your own initials are enough,” Bottega Veneta has always celebrated fierce individualism. The idea takes flight in homage to the spirit of New York women and men who are free to fearlessly express themselves in a city that’s seen everything. “New Yorkers have a real bravery and boldness,” says Tomas Maier. “Nothing stops them. Nothing seems impossible.” For women, that means a wardrobe filled with unexpected textures and a vast palette of unique colors. The look is finished off with statement-making boots on a pavement-friendly low heel and a bag that’s both an artisanal masterpiece and pragmatic essential like the Palio Fringe Tote. For men, it means the sophisticated eccentricity of animal print shirting, harlequin checked tailoring and brashly patterned socks worn with “corduroy” suede loafers in jewel hues.

The collection explores the various facets of life in New York, including the necessary escape from the city’s intense whirl of activity, whether to the wilderness of the country or the serenity of one’s home. “I was thinking about the way of life in the city, which goes from one extreme to another” says Maier. “It’s hyper-motion and then it falls into almost total seclusion.” The Fall/Winter collection includes clothes that are designed to exist in the comfort of a beautifully appointed apartment—floral pajama silks for both men and women, and ethereally soft evening dresses, for women, that can both lounge and live it up.

The runway set is also defined by contrast and curating a world of one’s own. In this case, it’s the merger of New York and Italy, seen in a stark Brutalist backdrop filled with sensual Italian design—both iconic vintage pieces and Bottega Veneta’s Furniture collection. That eclectic mix echoes the Maison, our new permanent home in New York which is designed to be as comfortable as your own. “The Maison is inspired by the city in which it’s located, but it’s filled with Italian-made products and even Italian art,” explains Maier. “The idea of provenance is so important in the world of Bottega Veneta. The brand comes from a specific place that tells you a story. I wanted to bring that idea of a sense of place to our new store.”

The overarching vision of the season is rooted in architecture—a long-time passion of Tomas Maier and a defining ideal of the brand—drawing inspiration from the iconic and modern structures that are unmistakably New York. From there, Maier extracts the detail of the cube as a motif that weaves its way through the women’s and men’s collections. “It’s like a brick,” says Maier. “We use it to build the foundation.”

The perfect simplicity of the geometric form is utilized to create graphic patterns with surreal shifting perspectives. For women, it’s evident in richly hued intarsia silk dresses, lush shearling coats and on iconic bags including The Lauren 1980 and The Knot Clutch. Used in this season’s women’s jewelry, the cube turns earrings, rings and cuffs into artful sculpture in miniature. For men, there are joyously colorful intarsia patterns on felted grey cashmere crewnecks and jackets pieced together with precise, knife-sharp cubic forms.

The cube is an evolution of The Intrecciato Checker square introduced last spring. The checker continues for Fall/ Winter. The new women’s bag this season, a drum-shaped zippered tote called The Tambura comes in a variety of checker workmanships including Intrecciato Abstract and Paisley Checker. The men’s Intrecciato Checker Totes of spring are recast for fall in bolder colors. The most compelling new men’s bag for fall, however, comes in solid nappa. The MI-NY is a shoulder duffle designed with thoughtful and instinctive functionality to be the ultimate travel bag.

The cube’s architectural boldness is balanced with subtlety as Maier translates the sparkle of the skyline with a delicate silver chain embroidery that has a clever trompe l’oeil effect. It appears at first to be a top-stitch or windowpane pattern on tailored jackets, while bestowing a blink-and-miss twinkle on dense plaid coats. “It’s a very Bottega Veneta detail,” says Maier. “You have to get up close to the product to discover and appreciate it.”


FW 2018-19 Bottega Veneta Women Fashion Show
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Woman FW 2018-19 Fashion Show Bottega Veneta
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Bottega Veneta Fashion Show FW 2017 MilanBottega Veneta Fashion Show FW 2017
FW 2017-18 Bottega Veneta Woman Model
Woman Model Fashion Show Bottega Veneta
Woman FW 2017-18 Fashion Show Bottega Veneta
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