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Fall Loewe Bag Detail Collection Fashion Women 2015
Fall Loewe Bag Detail Collection Fashion Women
Catwalk Loewe Bag Detail Fall Winter 2015 16 Women's Collection Paris Fashion Week
Loewe Bag Detail Collection Fashion Show FW 2015 2016
Loewe Bag Detail Fashion
Loewe Bag Detail Runway
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Sat, June 20 2015 » Fashion Blog


Fall Fashion Woman Loewe Collection 2015
Fall Fashion Woman Loewe Collection


Fall Winter 2015 revisits the woman introduced last season, adding functional pieces for a different facet of her life, a moment of realistic futurism. Set in grey suede, the pastel spectrum of a napa panel top opens the collection, establishing a theme of texture and colour.

A science-inspired aesthetic is shot through with everyday elements for a pragmatic, decidedly modern character. Silhouette is fluid and columnar, epitomised by wide herringbone trousers and accentuated with structured and graphic elements.

Materials encompass a variety of leather, maximising house knowledge and craftsmanship to construct garments that are of this moment in cut, touch and look. Lightness pervades, as do contrasts and material experimentation: Suede, stamped with a disorienting graphic pattern, acquires new visual complexity.

Gold, silver, and vibrant hues of red and turquoise are tempered with classic fabrics and tones. The grainy texture of an architectural buffalo bomber balances the super-supple lambskin used for lab dresses and tunics.

Patent leather and metallics reinterpret the scientific inspiration, while pleats occur in mercury-like lamé as well as engineered in suede.
Outerwear pieces dominate on the exterior; inside, a nylon silk knit top functions as a second skin under every look of the collection.

Colours reflect the diverse shading of contemporary life and with the Barcelona, a new shoulder bag joins the strong identity of the Puzzle, expanding a complementary, universal edit for woman.


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Sat, June 20 2015 » Fashion Blog

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