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Max Kibardin
We are often cautioned to do everything in moderation. Yes, it is an undeniable fact that sometimes, one must throw caution to the wind and do everything in excess.
Exactly, what is this excess? It is indeed an unapologetic excess of glamour, hair, makeup, sex, outfits, shoes, decadence, eccentricity.
Helmut Newton and Guy Bourdin bourgeoise women exemplify heady excesses and devil-may-care attitude. Robert Palmer iconic music video “Addicted to love” featuring identically dressed models whit pale faces, dark eye makeup and bright red lipstick. Patrick Nagel illustrations of contemporary woman: She is elegant and sophisticated, exuding an air of mysterious enticement. She is capable, alluring and graceful, but also aloof and distant.
Max Kibardin’s Spring Summer 2012 collection interprets this kind of women’s shoes in quotations of metallic python, Swarovski Crystals, patent leather, fishnets and the new super sexy winding heel.
Glamour, decadent, sexy, smart, this is particular collection, wrought by the designer – step by step – allows a woman, as it were, to have a Helmut Newton moment, a decadent, a sexy moment, a disco moment, a Bourdin moment, in short, a total Dionysian experience without its after-taste.
Kibardin interprets the early eighties bourgeoise elegance and its excentricity in a palette of black, metallic red ink, nude and neon. The restrain of palette becomes a metaphor for alienation, moral decay and sweet melancholy of the excess era.

Max Kibardin - Spring Summer 2012
Max Kibardin - Shoe Detail
Shoe Max Kibardin - Spring Summer 2012 Shoe

Thu, September 29 2011 » Fashion Blog

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