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Missoni Fashion Show SS 2020 Milan
Missoni Fashion Show SS 2020


Summer is a feeling, a way of being and living, just as much as it is a season. So much so, in fact, that writer Albert Camus found there was, within himself, an invincible summer even in the midst of winter. But this is actually Summer, which naturally calls for an easy, breezy spirit; for a freedom of views and a fluidity of mind, reconnecting with nature, living in the outdoors.

A summery Missoni collection that is a new foray into a mindset that is freewheeling, effervescent and joyous by definition. Put together, which is a Missoni praxis just as much as it is a view onto things, informs a way of dressing that knows no boundaries of pattern, shape, color. The mix of everything is dematerialized by the weightless textures and light colors.

Protagonists of this summer that oozes the carelessness of a long day spent walking by the water, soaking up with sun rays and breeze, holding a basket in the hands and generally luxuriating in some dolce far niente is a couple. The feeling of mutual connection between the two is evident, from the way they behave to the way they appear.

Her dresses bare the shoulders, flow, swarm in printed layers; his tailored jackets are ombrè, his shirts knitted, his spirit is informal. They exchange prints, patterns and textures, making borders thin, or completely useless.

She steals a suit, maybe just the waistcoat or a pair of slippers; he indulges in a caftan, in the glittering of lurex. Summer turns into an effortless way to represent oneself.


SS 2020 Missoni Fashion Show
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SS 2020 Fashion Show Missoni
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