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Nicole Farhi Fall Winter 2012 Men's Collection Milano Fashion Week

NICOLE FARHI celebrates its 30th Anniversary in 2012 with a menswear collection ideal for the modern world traveler doing his own urban Grand Tour for the 21st Century. The look is layered, adaptable and functional for journeys that encompass colder northern cities and tropical climates.
The NICOLE FARHI men’s collection is one of unexpected combinations inspired by traditional and modern techniques from around the world. A Scandinavian sweater is knitted in a way that is very similar to kilim making while a traditional Aran jumper is reworked with tye dye and a jersey t-shirt boasts pop Hawaiian prints. A classic over coat is realized using the Indian Kantha quilting technique. An original William Morris artwork sourced from the Liberty archives is needle punched into flannel jackets or cut into strips and knitted into sweaters.
The color palette is strong with china blue and oxblood sitting alongside cream, off white, charcoal, slate and black.
The raincoats, parkas and overcoats are worn over pyjama style long sleeved tops, a feather light cardigan sits snugly under a china blue wool hooded overcoat. A modern smoking jacket in the customized Liberty print is worn with narrow trousers and loafers, the perfect footwear for the frequent flyer.
For this travel inspired collection NICOLE FARHI has collaborated with British luggage maker Globe Trotter to create a travel case made from vulcanized fiber board, a technique developed in the late 19th Century, transforming this classic piece into a rucksack for the smart and resourceful traveler.

Nicole Farhi Fall Winter 2012 Men Milano Fashion Week

Nicole Farhi Fall Winter 2012 Men

Nicole Farhi Fall Winter 2012

Sun, January 29 2012 » Fashion Blog



For Spring Summer 2012 Nicole Farhi is looking forward to the upcoming Olympic Games in London.
A metropolitan collection with a reference to modern sports equipment and a look back to retro ones. This collection is inspired by the cult film Chariots of Fire and images of the Olympics in 1908, also linked to traditional British sports games such as championship rowing, fencing and horseback riding.
Technological innovation, performance and comfort, are applied to formal men’s clothing:ergonomic cuts distinguish the collection. The seams are sealed and fabrics within the classical male wardrobe are treated with new techniques and finishes.
Canvas and linen are paired with a technical jersey for contrasting combinations. The trench coat is re-examined with a double construction so that the jersey is shown. The cricket jersey combines the classic cable stitch with a thermo impression to give a scuba effect. The typical rowing blazer is pinstripped by laser.
The color palette focuses on neutral tones and gray melange. The chalky white fades on chino and khaki, and the blue sugar paper turns to navy and accent is given by shades of lime.




Fri, July 1 2011 » Fashion Blog

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