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Sacai Fashion Show SS 2019 Paris
Sacai Fashion Show SS 2019


A freeform approach that challenges traditional definitions of what’s complete and finished. Un-zipping structured, familiar silhouettes into a freeform sensibility.

Designer Chitose Abe’s signature riff on hybrid starts by drawing on the decreasing relevance of the boundaries of season, by continuing a narrative that takes fabrics and patterns associated with one season and transposing them to another.

This time, Pendleton’s South West American blankets are re-contextualised into Spring fabrics, melded with sportswear and military forms and detailing or wrapped in a spontaneous way into a chiffon, pleated dress, the blanket’s leather holster serving as a strap detail; or applied to hybrid sweater cross-pollinations, socks and shoes.

Questioning when an idea is perceived to be complete and when it’s time to stop. Edges left raw and hanging loose, creating a new proportion by doing so. Dip dye treatments that stop short of the full garment; unexpected placements of polka dot silk scarves inserted into blouses that then unravel into dresses and jumpsuits.

Tweed jackets spliced and hanging open to expose a Type II denim jacket. Denim de-constructed and re-constructed with menswear checks and MA1 military influences. Traditional garment constructions unzip into free-flowing poncho forms. Dr Woo’s tattoo art, applied as embroideries to sweaters, denim, outerwear pieces and bags.

Featuring sacai x Nike hybrid sneakers – LDV/Daybreak, Blazer/Dunk debuting January 2019.


SS 2019 Sacai Fashion Show
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SS 2019 Fashion Show Sacai
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