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A journey from Marrakech to Paris, an encounter between two symbols of great style. Talitha Getty and Betty Catroux. Two opposite and still very close styles.
This story has been translated into outfits with thousands women souls. A young and sensual woman, pretty disrespectful, that plays, blends and comes up with her own re-interpretation of style.
Morocco, with the warm colours of its land and the shades of its spices (with red and turquoise touches) but also a black and white minimalism inspired by the ‘70s Paris.
Stripes, graphic motifs and prints with a “tie and dye” effect.
Laser-cut black leather for a lace effect.
Very light Black & White minks treated and designed with the Maison know how.
Soft and drifted lines, juxtapositions, and opposites reappear in the trapezoid-shaped mini and maxi dresses .
The leather is the Maison’s must and signature, the material that follows through and underlines the whole of the collection.
The “must-have” : the “tank top”, reworked and made more precious in all its declinations, mink, treated leather and sophisticated fabrics.
The accessories play a leading role all through, where the search and study of the smallest details becomes style, with fur covering high platform sandals and animalier printed pumps.
Oversized bags with a strong personality in mohair fur. Another must among the accessories is the very refined “Hemingway” bag with its horn handle and tiger-print fur.


Simonetta Ravizza Women's Collection 2013

Simonetta Ravizza Spring Summer 2013 Women Collection Milano Fashion Week Fashion Show

Simonetta Ravizza Spring Summer 2013 Women Collection Milano Fashion-Week Simonetta Ravizza 2013 Spring Summer

Simonetta Ravizza SS 2013

Wed, October 10 2012 » Fashion Blog


Simonetta Ravizza Catwalk 2012 - Milano Fashion Week
For the Simonetta Ravizza Fall/Winter Collection 2012-2013, haute couture is where exclusive tradition meets state of the art technology.
Featuring fabulous yet versatile furs and time less, impalpable dreams, the collection is a complex and refined exercise in the duality of style and more.
In the fur segment, Simonetta wanted to combine valuable techniques such as the most classic and virtuosic stranding process with a range of innovative, rough, dynamic and futurist materials.
Full of contrasts and antinomies, the result is a specular and original, aesthetic interpretation primarily expressed through the autonomous and unifying color of black that is offset by only a few splashes of shades of white, it is an unusual blend of textures, lines and consistencies.
Light leather filleted from the inside and superb furs such as mink, fox, and ermine as light and as soft as velvet are paired up with the hard and almost metallic contemporary energy of neoprene, cloth, and boucle fabric.
Lightness encourages the use of striking, sleek geometric lines, straight, cocoon-like, or slightly padded silhouettes, and exquisite cuts reminiscent of the golden age of French and Italian couture of the fifties and sixties.
Simonetta Ravizza has created a total look from top to bottom that is perfect for a lunch or dinner in the city: pretty little black dresses that are sexy and practical, the idea outfit for today’s multifaceted woman and her busy day, at work or play.
The are also neoprene mini-dress with fur trim that reconfirm the same concept from a different perspective, which is the duality that characterizes the entire collection.

Catwalk Simonetta Ravizza Fall-Winter 2012-2013 Women's Collection Fashion Show Catwalk-Milano Fashion Week
Simonetta Ravizza Fall-Winter-2012 Women's Collection
Simonetta Ravizza Fall-Winter 2012-2013 Women Fashion Show

Fri, February 24 2012 » Fashion Blog

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