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Iceberg Fashion Show FW 2020 Milan
Iceberg Fashion Show FW 2020


The multi-logo patrol of ICEBERG breaks the rules and joins the party. The “overseers” with their reflective uniforms lose their austerity and join the ravers. The location chosen by ICEBERG’s Creative Director James Long for the Fall-Winter 2020 men’s collection show could not better represent this visionary party: “the Alcatraz”, a historic Milanese club that bears the name of the most famous prison in the world.

A dualism that becomes a fusion, like the ICEBERG collection where luxury sportswear merges unexpectedly with military and formal silhouettes. And when the guards begin to let themselves be tempted by the party, the music changes and coats with jacquard effects appear and the iconic down jacket by ICEBERG is discovered in new color block variants.

Tweety, Silvestro and Taz and other iconic characters from the Loonely Tunes world also turn unexpectedly into blue and black degradé on sweatshirts, jackets and coats. All the characters have been redesigned starting from the original drawings. White, black and forest green are the colors chosen by Long to reinterpret punk sport.

The iconic piece is the tyvek k-way, capable of merging functionality into style becoming a bag, with a zip closure at the bottom and the sleeves that become backs. James Long brings back the iconic oval in the ICEBERG logo in a neon yellow version that becomes a new brand signature. It is a reference to the brand’s glorious 90s.

The rave party really begins when the ICEBERG logo becomes trippy and the Art Collection makes its appearance. For the second chapter of this capsule within the main collection, James Long has chosen to reinterpret the works of the English artist Eddie Peake.

Inspired by Peake’s multi-layered painting technique, the ICEBERG sweaters become true pieces of art where Italian craftsmanship blends with the artist’s bright and vivid characters. The Rave shirt! Rave! Rave! it is one of the key pieces of this transformation, as well as the sweatshirt with the ICEBERG logo reinterpreted with the iconic “schotch” character of Peake.

The artist’s works are mixed by James Long in a new way, in a real four-handed work to create something new and unexpected.


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