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Andrea Incontri Spring Summer 2015 Women's Fashion Show - Milan Fashion Week

Andrea Incontri © Copyright 2014


Infinite galaxies, iridescent constellations that speak of distant worlds, psychedelic visions and kaleidoscopic explosions. In a word: light.

Light which, as if liberated by a myriad of planets like luminous points in space, becomes pure energy that transforms into motion when transposed to fluid, fresh, lightweight fabrics; when it falls on garments, defining their contours in a constant equilibrium of contrasts. Maxi lengths that leave the ankle exposed thus alternate with ultra minis in a subtle play of nude and clothed, of sky and earth.

Natural elements emanate their own glow in the form of evanescent halos, and the luminosity draws new energy from the hydrangeas immersed in the aurora borealis, taking life in the form of applications of irisé and diamond-cut stones with a thousand facets, and in the flowers that expand and extend across all-over graphics with a post-modern, futuristic attitude.

The spare, essential forms are the shell of a precious and unexpected content: along the perimeter of the rigorous and geometric lines that dress a woman like folded and profiled hankies, there is color, substance.

Colors which, in a fluid explosion of vitality, constitute a unique and original palette. Starting with the names, evocative expressions like Pandora, topaz, star, neon, sunrise, light and deep, chosen to describe all the nuances, which range from midnight blue and violet to total black, red and gold.

And like the colors, the textures are combined, overlapped and juxtaposed to create a harmonious contrast. Satin and charmeuse for sensual dresses, ultralight printed viscose for knit twin sets, lurex insets and fil coupé fabrics with polka-dots or silver lamé.

The protagonists and leitmotiv of the collection: neoprene and lacquer, alternated and combined in cylindrical heels enlivened by zig-zag profiles and playful pop music motifs, in super flat sandals dressed in leather with the rhythm of convex portholes, laying bare the magic dot motif thereby created.

The push toward constant research and experimentation is confirmed and renewed in the XS and XXL Nova and Supernova bags and the bucket and backpack models Cassiopea and Elysium.

Bags that embody the themes and principles that inspired the collection, as evidenced in the innovative choice of materials like neoprene and lacquer, in the unique workmanship with a hyper-contemporary flair thanks to the use of foam fabrics, in the original, compact forms and proportions, and in the use of light that reflects and refracts through the rows of stones and meteorites of gold of the Venus bag, the purest expression of femininity.


Andrea Incontri Woman Milan Fashion Week
Summer Andrea Incontri Trends 2015 Woman
Summer 2015 Fashion Show Andrea Incontri Runway
Spring Summer 2015 Fashion Model Andrea Incontri Collection
Spring 2015 Woman Fashion Show Andrea Incontri

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Andrea Incontri © Copyright 2014

A traveler with the soul of a photojournalist. Eclectic and inquisitive, a modern Marco Polo. Full of curiosity as he observes the world around him. Taking notes and drawing up images that can awaken the memory of a trip. This is the man of Andrea Incontri’s SS15 collection.

Blazers and new trench coats made in faded linen dèlavè, a blending of authenticity and tradition. Double breasted jackets, because the meaning of adventure means more than just to travel, forms embellished with the straps and bels of backpacks and totes.

The super colorful silk and cotton knitwear with contrast borders and piping. Disruptive elements such as a lively blocks of color in bright yellow, orange, creamy whites, and dessert tones.

Quick designs like sketches on paper reinvent the texture of masculine herringbone and checks. The agile, yet decisive strokes of a pen create the geometric mantras of t-shirts, pants and printed leather jackets while the soul of the fabric remains the canvas of the bags in which to print.

Backpacks and shoulder bags of oversized proportions. Flat envelopes that open like a reporter bag. The accessories along with the shoes, slip-ons and oxfords or a more gent- ler style of cross sandals and sleepers all in soft calf leathers, suede and nabuk.


Andrea Incontri Man Milan Fashion Week
Summer Andrea Incontri Trends 2015 Man
Summer 2015 Fashion Show Andrea Incontri
Spring Summer 2015 Fashion Model Andrea Incontri
Spring 2015 Man Fashion Show Andrea Incontri

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