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Backstage Damir Doma Woman Pitti W
Backstage Fashion Model Damir Doma
Backstage Fashion Show Damir Doma
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Backstage Damir Doma Fashion Model

Fri, July 5 2013 » Fashion Blog


Damir Doma Woman Pitti W


A reverent guard of stone effigies hold vigil over the blooming lavender and citrus trees of the Corsini gardens. By day, their solemn silhouettes stand tall against the harsh tuscan sun; as dusk falls, the weathered sentinels cast long shadows across the verdant labyrinth.

The grandeur of architecture softens and fades into the evening, as obscurity arrives withe the night. Handmaidens appear diaphanous, in garments suffused with the hues and lines of landscape. Structures are betrayed by chiaroscuro, as cloth and skin mingle in seductive chemistry.

In a palette od concrete, sandstone, onyx and indigo, abstract geometries of the cubist painting school inspire a patchwork of airy textiles placed across the body. Dresses as paintings.

An angular rhetoric defines the collection’s graphic edge, with the 3D notion of perspective causing horizons to appear and disappear in smooth planes.

Shantung silk and watery jacquard evoke the rough textures of the palazzo exterior against and abundance of poplin cotton, chosen for a polished asceticism.

Keyhole cutouts and transparency highlight the shoulder in striped knitwear and bonded jersey bustiers, opposing the rigid proportions of box tunics and smock dresses cut in striated silk gazar, starched poplin and a sheer, spotty jacquard.

By way of ruched inserts, the crisp lightness of panelled blouses and shifts is tempered at the waist in a manipulation of volume – its effects heightened against the flat form of a kimono sleeve.

Opening the show, the symmetry of a strict column is disrupted in a slash of amethyst jacquard, and elsewhere a blazer wraps across the hips in bicolor silk, laced across the shoulders in thick whipcord.

This threaded technique is echoed in raffia at the gathered waist of full cotton skirts, which feature pooling patch pockets adding further shape.

A passage of bright white highlights the crucial silhouettes under a clinical glare, mirrored in a finale of inky black. Square-heeled sandals wrap across the toe in a collage of striped python and nylon weave.


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Fri, July 5 2013 » Fashion Blog

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