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Spring Fashion Man Emporio Armani Collection 2016
Spring Fashion Man Emporio Armani Collection


An encounter between different worlds. A blend of cultures. The East steps quietly into the West, transformed and transforming, with no hint of exoticism or ethnic nostalgia. The strongest concept in this ultimately urban collection is contamination, which manifests itself as an Eastern feel mixed with Western tastes.

Fusion means colours. Basic blue, grey, green and mud are tinged with teal; this is a palette characterised by a special shade of blue/green: myrtle green. Colours are natural and subtle, with shades of taupe, greige and sand, but no plain white.

Fusion means paisley; traditionally used in winter, for spring/summer it has been stylised to stand as a pure symbol on light warm-weather garments. Paisley is applied using four different techniques: digital printing for shirts and blouses, jacquards for ruffled jersey jackets, embroidery over a Prince-of-Wales type of fabric, and laser-engraving on outerwear, with small lasered patterns looking like all-over tattoos.

Fusion means trousers with one side dart, narrow at the ankle; jackets with small, pagoda shoulders and puckered sleeve heads, sometimes with lapels and slightly raised buttons that look as if they were drawn on. Washed silk V-neck T-shirts alternate with shirts featuring small mandarin or notched collars.

Fusion means fine materials, and no technical fabrics: wool, cupro, washed silk and cotton express a winning all-season approach to meet the needs of Emporio Armani fans around the world. Extremely light ‘featherweight’ nappa leather bonded with a georgette lining has a crisp feel to it.

Laser-engraved, 3D-effect leather is used on both outerwear and accessories. Ever-present backpacks are embroidered to create three-dimensional effects. Various types of shoes – including sneakers, sabots, and slip-ons – recall the shape of sandals. New, surprising oxfords come with a closed front and open back, with the foot held in place by a strap around the back of the ankle.


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