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Fausto Puglisi Fashion Show FW 2017 Milan
Fausto Puglisi Fashion Show FW 2017
FW 2017-18 Fausto Puglisi Woman Model
Woman Model Fashion Show Fausto Puglisi
Woman FW 2017-18 Fashion Show Fausto Puglisi
Fall 2017-18 Womenswear Fausto Puglisi
Winter 2017 Fashion Trends Fausto Puglisi

Fri, April 14 2017 » Fashion Blog


Fausto Puglisi Fashion Show SS 2017 Milan
Fausto Puglisi Fashion Show SS 2017


Fausto Puglisi has been inspired to present his women’s collection in Milan in a new dramatic environment and format. He collaborated on the fashion experience with Armando Punzo the artistic director of the Fortezza Theatre in Volterra. Puglisi arrived at his creative concept this summer as he traveled to his home of Sicily and was emotional and visually affected by the dark landscape, ruined architecture and historical oppression of the South of Italy.

But as he reached his home he thought of the strong, authoritative women who in contrast inhabited this region over the years. “The world in many ways has one south that is genuinely part of me” said Puglisi. “The south that instinctively mixes ancient traditions with a sense of freedom and explosive passion. The south that has an underlying restlessness, a place of ancestral meanings, the south that melts old and new traditions.”

As seen in different ways in his design vocabulary, Sicily and South Florida have the same fascination for Fausto. They have an intensity, the capability of producing beauty with contrast and clashes, creating vivid aesthetics that are highly distinctive as seen in full force in this collection.

Puglisi’s spring/summer designs are a liberating scream against all entrapments, a rebellious act – driven by aesthetics – towards an idea of beauty, pleasurable and hypnotic. Reassuring but reactionary. The dream is to use boundaries to overcome them, always knowing that the sanctity of the female body goes through a sincere narrative. The set, a three story industrial structure though which the models traveled, was enlaced with architectural and other iconography.

“I thought about a shrine in which every woman can be a Goddess – like Minerva, powerful, immortal and fearless. And of course beautiful in her own ways” said Puglisi. Italy has been the temple of decorations since the Byzantine’s sense of luxury lured the masses towards an increasingly popular Catholic movement.

The iconography is also part of many cultures of South Florida. Puglisi absorbs this heritage to narrate its soft and gentle, sweet side. With hand painted prints evoking Eighteen Century wallpaper patterns, he creates a contrasting balance with his signature color blocking. The cross, a symbol of the Catholic iconography is used as a graphic sketched pattern. The washed denim, sewn together with leather, marks the fine line between rules and unapologetic freedom.

Puglisi’s iconic pieces are all there: the biker jacket, the boyfriend shirt, the varsity bomber, the caban, the oversize t-shirt. This collection is mostly a hymn to falling house of cards, to oppressive walls that collapse, to obscure ideologies that often become reality. It’s the constant quest for freedom of expression that incessantly moves Puglisi on this personal creative path.

The Fausto Puglisi Spring/Summer 2017 fashion event took place at a former theatre in Milan. Puglisi’s body of work is a study in bold contrasts, and reflects his Italian origins as well as his fascination with all facets of American culture.


SS 2017 Fausto Puglisi Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Fausto Puglisi
SS 2017 Fashion Show Fausto Puglisi
Spring 2017 Womenswear Fausto Puglisi
Summer 2017 Fashion Trends Fausto Puglisi

Wed, September 28 2016 » Fashion Blog


Fall Fashion Woman Fausto Puglisi Collection 2015
Fall Fashion Woman Fausto Puglisi Collection


Good taste can turn to the constricting norm. Bland, suffocating. Errors and mistakes are a sign of personality, instead. Diana Vreeland docet.

Lou Lou de la Falaise, Fulco di Verdura, Sicilian baroque: the obsession for extreme ornamentation. Artisan touch as a creative imprint. Color, without modesty.

Madonnas and stray cats. Clashes, asymmetries, warped ladylike royalty. Imperial magnificence and trash, no holds barred.

From one extreme to the other, but never back: bright and black, short and long, strict and opulent. Punk: a state of mind, in a Venetian palazzo.

Rebellion and bourgeoisie. Mannish tailoring, grand gowns, endless contrasts. Beauty that stems from Fausto’s celebration of his, and his woman’s individuality.


Winter 2015 Fashion Show Fausto Puglisi Collection
Winter Trends 2015 Fausto Puglisi Collection
Fall Winter 2015 16 Fashion Collection Fausto Puglisi
2016 Fall Fashion Woman Fausto Puglisi Collection
Fall 2015 Women Fashion Show Fausto Puglisi Collection
Fausto Puglisi Collection Woman 2015

Sat, March 14 2015 » Fashion Blog


Fausto Puglisi Woman Milan Fashion WeekFausto Puglisi Woman Milan Fashion Week


An obsession with Ancient Rome. Urbane prints on smooth cotton cady and cool crepe de chine are infused with the precise geometries of mosaics.

Hand-loomed jacquards transform shimmering skeins of thread into three-dimensional sculptures. The sixties, sweetened.

Fausto’s charm for the masters: Rudi Gernreich and André Courrèges. A tribute to Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. Star Wars meets Barbarella.

A crisp palette of graphic black and soft white is spiked with pale gold and citrus hues.

Swarovski crystals illuminate daywear with lunar light. Couture made easy with crop tops and polos. The gladiator reimagined as a modern warrior princess. Punk construction.

A new obsession with holes and ripping: perforated cotton knits and metallic leathers; raw silk, torn and trimmed with rock crystals.


Summer Fausto Puglisi Trends 2015 Woman
Summer 2015 Fashion Show Fausto Puglisi
Spring Summer 2015 Fashion Model Fausto Puglisi
Spring 2015 Woman Fashion Show Fausto Puglisi

Fri, September 19 2014 » Fashion Blog


Fausto Puglisi

Moodboard Fausto Puglisi FW 2012-2013

Fabrics: Wool crepè, wool jersey, leather, spandex, cashmere, crepè de chine and chiffon.
Palette: Tropical flash fresh, black and nude.
Present day Virago squeezed into colour-block girdles.
Couture fabrics intertwined with super glossy spandex, Hellenic inspired, printed surfaces.
Handmade embroideries and crystal starbursts, metals and gold thread for an urban warrior.
Fetish-leather: saddle shoulders, Blade Runner details for bomber jackets and sheath dresses, leopard inferno and
vertiginous embroideries alternated with moments of total black.
Contrasts: men’s jackets structured like armour and pea coats as soft as dressing gowns.
American sportswear: box pleats, plissé, college knitwear for Grecian-Roman cheerleaders.
Evening wear: tropical paradise goddesses, playing with hard core slashes suspended between Segesta and Palm Springs.

Fausto Puglisi Fall-Winter 2012-2013

Fausto Puglisi FW 2012-13

Fausto Puglisi FW 2012-2013

Special thanks to Simone Rizzo Photographer

Fri, March 9 2012 » Fashion Blog

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