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Frankie Morello Fall Winter 2012-2013 Men Fashion Show


A journey, a true meditation tour, from evening to morning, from materialism to simplicity, from the city to the Himalayas.
A meditative and mystical journey to rediscover lightness and purity, abandoning the attachment to material goods. A strong presentation, which aims at expressing the desire to alter the human mindset and approach to life. From urban to awareness, lightness, purification. The collection is divided in this way: into three parts, the stages through which the Frankie Morello man must pass in order to achieve liberty.
The first is an expression of the attachment to material goods, using colours and materials reminiscent of the city. It represents the city man in his daily life, following the rules of urbanisation .
The central stage shows the human being beginning to feel the urgency for change; an evolution which occurs step by step with the start of internal journey and newfound awareness of himself. Here, then, even the colours, stitching and materials start to diversify and take on different lightness. Lastly, the third and final stage, in which lightness becomes the lifestyle to be pursued and the abandonment of material things is realised. Spirituality is the star of this story, taking man almost back to nudity; a symbol of transformation and mark the transition through the materials, appliqués and colours, giving a clear image of the metamorphosis, until finally achieving hypothetical self-awareness. The presentation is accompanied by a live performance from Burger Girl, a musical project and alter-ego of Benjamin Dukhan, an upcoming eclectic French artist which, with his “electro-bitch” universe, combines toughness and sensuality with romance and spirituality. His performance accompanies the metamorphosis, through a journey that also becomes musical.
The show also includes the presence of Giuseppe Sartori, one of the most interesting figures on the Italian theatrical scene, part of the famous Ricci e Forte company ( www.ricciforte.com).
The theatre represented has become famous and is a source of inspiration for various other contemporary entities: filled with flawless, clear images, constructed in meticulous, unsettling, colourful, sometimes even indecent theatrical architectures.
The artist will perform his best interpretation of the metamorphosis of the human through the meditation tour narrated by the collection.

Frankie Morello Fall Winter 2012-13 Men Milano Fashion Week

Frankie Morello Fall Winter 2012-13 Men's Collection

Frankie Morello Fall Winter 2012-2013 Milano Fashion Week

Sat, January 21 2012 » Fashion Blog

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