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Frankie Morello Woman Milano Fashion Week



The Frankie Morello Fall/Winter 2015 collection is pervaded by a feeling of sensuous restlessness that evokes the atmosphere of Sofia Coppola’s film “The Virgin Suicides.”

The garments reflect this restless soul and her journey in a combination of contrasting fabrics and colors that constantly seek balance.

Seemingly chaste outfits almost like modern college uniforms have imperceptible slits. Mini-dresses reveal fresh sensuality. Pleats are asymmetrical. Flowing transparent garments are combined with a more structured piece in an almost bulky fabric.

Wraparound skirts are embellished with nuanced Swarovski crystals in shades of gray, pink and light blue. Fabrics of choice are matelassé silk, organza, and also crepe de chine.

Colors contrast: powder pink and dusty blue are paired up with black, midnight blue and gray. The blouse is a must-have item, a versatile garment that can turn into a dress or slip.

Clothes feature prints that narrate this journey and seem to evoke china ink sketches from a hypothetical secret diary with faces, mouths, eyes and flowers, reaching a catharsis represented by an all-over print of the number 22, a magical number dear to the maison that resembles two barely touching swans.

The book-shaped clutch, a fundamental travel companion of this woman on the go, is the only, almost unrelenting accessory.


2014 2015 Winter Fashion Trends Frankie Morello
Winter 2014 Fashion Show Frankie Morello
Fall Winter 2014 15 Fashion Women's Collection Frankie Morello
Winter 2014 Fashion Trends Frankie Morello

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Backstage Frankie Morello Man Milano Fashion Week
Fashion Models Frankie Morello
Backstage Fashion Show Milan
Fashion Model 2014
Backstage Frankie Morello Man 2014

Tue, September 17 2013 » Fashion Blog


Frankie Morello Man Milano Fashion Week



“Food for all”, Frankie Morello’s new slogan print, launches a message that’s loud and clear.

“Food is growing trend, but if we take a hard look at the facts, there isn’t food for everyone, both in the world and also here in Italy,” explain Maurizio Modica and Pierfrancesco Gigliotti, the creative directors and founders of the brand in 1999.

What’s more, what we eat has become a metaphor for what is happing in the fashion industry, which needs more genuineness and naturalness, a slower pace, and a search for quality and pleasure.

Used as decorative element, Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s paintings have been given an ironic twist by inserting junk foods like French fries.

The exclusively produced fabrics include jacquard prints with three-dimensional fruit motifs.

Sweatshirts with bright macro patterns are the must-have items this season.

White and blue prevail in the color palette dotted with precise touches of red to create an ultra-clean silhouette.

Traditional sartorial fabrics compose an unexpected aesthetic code when combined with sporty lines. In the same take on contrast, formal suits are made of soft fabrics and ultra-light bomber jackets replace shirts under the slim-fit two-button blazer.

Carry-all backpacks are coordinated and made of the same fabric as outerwear to create habillée moods in a contemporary man’s wardrobe that pay homage to feminine elegance of the past.

Boat shoes are given a new twist with transparent soles.


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Summer 2014 Fashion Show Frankie Morello
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Spring 2014 Man Fashion Show Frankie Morello

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Frankie Morello© Copyright 2013

Pierfrancesco Gigliotti and Maurizio Modica bring an army of super-feminine, mysterious femmes fatales to their runway.
If the show were a film, it would be set in 1950s Los Angeles and the woman on the catwalk would be an intriguing Black Dahlia in a fine balance of the second half of the last century and the present day.

Shapes and volumes were constructed with no concessions to fluidity, created in stiff materials such as double cloth/matelassé lurex and wools/silk fabrics.
An interplay of opposites is a fundamental element. The more traditional fabrics give a new twist to casual models, such as the hoodie, while the more classic models, like the midi skirt, are made of technical textiles.

The spotlight is on accessories with a graphic appeal.
Rigid, two-dimensional handbags and “Romy”, a small, rigid cylinder made of brushed calfskin.

Bordeaux, all shades of reds and pinks.
Black and white, touches of grey, silver, asphalt and through to metal.


Frankie Morello Woman Milan Fashion Week
Catwalk Frankie Morello Fall Winter 2013 14 Women Collection Milan Fashion Week
Winter 2013 Fashion Show Frankie Morello
Fall Winter 2013 14 Fashion Women's Collection Frankie Morello

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Frankie Morello © Copyright 2013

The idea
The basic idea springs from a long-held passion: Pierfrancesco Gigliotti’s love of architecture and specifically the subject of his degree dissertation, i.e. clothing as architecture of the body. And so the new Frankie Morello collection becomes literally a building, an abode not only for a man’s body, but also for his ideas, his character, story and interests.

The collection
The red-brick houses in New York’s West Village are transformed into Gobelin prints. The photos of the brand’s creative spaces are tattooed on the fabrics as if they were the pages of an interior décor magazine. The inlaid marble of Florentine flooring turns into grisaille patterns. And the curved wood becomes a decoration on backpacks and accessories. Lastly, illusion is three-dimensional: the T-shirts are sewn with box-like corners, the knitwear includes mirrors as if it were the end of a corridor.

The celebrity
The guest star and symbol of the collection could be no other than Fabio Novembre. His way of balancing fashion, design and architecture, merging the disciplines through the leitmotiv of creativity, is the core around which each look in the new collection is centred.

The criticism
Under the clothing, apart from the prints, there’s a provocation. Being literally clothed in a creative process, visually dressing in design is also a denunciation of those who cynically copy the creativity of others without considering the research, work, dedication and know-how that are behind an outfit and go beyond a collection. It’s the desire to dress in a criticism through the power of imagination.


Frankie Morello Man Milan Fashion Week
Frankie Morello Catwalk
Frankie Morello Fashion Model
Frankie Morello Fall Winter 2014

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Backstage Fashion Show Beauty Makeup

Backstage Fashion Show Makeup

Backstage Frankie Morello Milan Fashion Week

Backstage Frankie Morello Fashion Show Beauty Makeup

Thu, November 22 2012 » Fashion Blog


Frankie Morello © Copyright 2012

Essential shapes, flat volumes, cuts and graphic motifs for the next Frankie Morello woman, inspired by the frigid esthetic of the costumes from Oskar Schlemmer’s Triadic Ballet, combined with the more passionate atmosphere of ancient wrestling.

Just as in the triadic fable, the garment is conceived as a mathematically proportional correspondence between the human form and space in an abstract unification with the cosmos.

Graphic elements composed of triangles where the triad (color, form and space) interpenetrates and merges with itself to achieve perfect balance. No longer do clothes adapt to the body, but rather the body to the clothes.

Shapes: Trapezoidal dresses, calf-length trousers and skirts, boxy pea coats, oversize t-shirts.

Colors: Flesh tone, ochre, cyclamen, Matisse blue, green.

Fabrics: Douchesse, double mikado, crepe sablè , silk Lurex , organza, ottoman.


Frankie Morello Woman Dress
Catwalk Frankie Morello Spring Summer 2013 Women Collection Milano Fashion Week
Summer 2013 Fashion Show Frankie Morello
Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Women's Collection Frankie Morello

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Frankie Morello 2012

“I love rock ‘n’ roll, so come and take your time and dance with me!”

The Frankie Morello collection for F/W 2012-13 is inspired by music but is not tied to the image of groupies and fans. It wants to evoke the attitude and style that is typical of the musician in the spotlight who plays a mean guitar and drives the crowds wild. Joan Jett, the icon who inspires these moods, and her “I love rock ‘n’ roll” take us below the stage where we dance to the music while the models on the catwalk pay tribute to the singer by wearing menswear blazers in wild flou colors like the one she wears on the cover of her most famous album.
Gymnastic references evoking the late seventies encounter the vibrant hues of the eighties, and the most sporty looks acquire a decidedly rock mood. The collection, which brings to mind a young, vitamin-charged American image, veers towards fierce video-clip style from the early years of MTV.
The collection is all about fusion and pop mix & match: it’s easy to wear but it also has some strikingly dramatic pieces that real stars need and want. The woman’s wardrobe is influenced by menswear: the man’s shirt is the perfect all-purpose item and the jacket is inspired by the biker’s jacket but fits like a man’s bomber jacket. “Good girl” preppie-style garments like the duffle coat or elegant sweater are given a “wicked” twist through bright colors and metal studs in shades tones that are even applied on an eyelet lace dress.
Metal mesh pieces worn with practically nothing underneath are sexy, feline and charismatic.
Frankie’s rocker girls, however, live in today’s hyper-technological work, so they can’t live without their potent leather or buckskin iPad cases with studded detailing.
Maurizio Modica and Pierfrancesco Gigliotti remind us, in pure rocker style, that good girls to heaven, but bad girls go EVERYWHERE!

Catwalk Frankie Morello Fall-Winter 2012-2013 Women's Collection Fashion Show Catwalk-Milano Fashion Week

Frankie Morello Fall-Winter 2012-2013 Women Fashion Show

Frankie Morello Fall-Winter-2012 Women's collection

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Frankie Morello Fall Winter 2012-2013 Men Fashion Show


A journey, a true meditation tour, from evening to morning, from materialism to simplicity, from the city to the Himalayas.
A meditative and mystical journey to rediscover lightness and purity, abandoning the attachment to material goods. A strong presentation, which aims at expressing the desire to alter the human mindset and approach to life. From urban to awareness, lightness, purification. The collection is divided in this way: into three parts, the stages through which the Frankie Morello man must pass in order to achieve liberty.
The first is an expression of the attachment to material goods, using colours and materials reminiscent of the city. It represents the city man in his daily life, following the rules of urbanisation .
The central stage shows the human being beginning to feel the urgency for change; an evolution which occurs step by step with the start of internal journey and newfound awareness of himself. Here, then, even the colours, stitching and materials start to diversify and take on different lightness. Lastly, the third and final stage, in which lightness becomes the lifestyle to be pursued and the abandonment of material things is realised. Spirituality is the star of this story, taking man almost back to nudity; a symbol of transformation and mark the transition through the materials, appliqués and colours, giving a clear image of the metamorphosis, until finally achieving hypothetical self-awareness. The presentation is accompanied by a live performance from Burger Girl, a musical project and alter-ego of Benjamin Dukhan, an upcoming eclectic French artist which, with his “electro-bitch” universe, combines toughness and sensuality with romance and spirituality. His performance accompanies the metamorphosis, through a journey that also becomes musical.
The show also includes the presence of Giuseppe Sartori, one of the most interesting figures on the Italian theatrical scene, part of the famous Ricci e Forte company ( www.ricciforte.com).
The theatre represented has become famous and is a source of inspiration for various other contemporary entities: filled with flawless, clear images, constructed in meticulous, unsettling, colourful, sometimes even indecent theatrical architectures.
The artist will perform his best interpretation of the metamorphosis of the human through the meditation tour narrated by the collection.

Frankie Morello Fall Winter 2012-13 Men Milano Fashion Week

Frankie Morello Fall Winter 2012-13 Men's Collection

Frankie Morello Fall Winter 2012-2013 Milano Fashion Week

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Frankie Morello S/S 2012 - Milano Fashion Week
Three girls,three different ways of living life, but the same spirit of adventure and the same attempt to discover their opposites.
And just one trip to Italy, in search of the perfect “Souvenir of Italy” to take back home.
Portofino, Venice, Rome, Pisa, the magnificent Amalfi Coast are the real main characters of this trip. And the luggage?
Just one rucksack, removed from its context and turned into a pure couture version made of printed satin or silk, containing flared skirts, die-cast latex kabans, pants arriving right above the ankle and tops beneath the bust reminiscent of the American look.
Short is perfect “cyclist” style that peek out beneath the skirt open front and the gusto of that elegant and sophisticated – though always ironic – glamor that marked the years when Italians traveled astride Vespas and discovered the Dolce Vita.
The symbolic elements of the Italian cities are taken to the extreme and turned into souvenirs to wear in the form of pins,scarves and prints.
Clothes become ironic postcards to wear as a keepsake of the 1950′s Italy devoted to growing and merging and to the quest – still under way today – for the ideal city, the City of Babel, to try to draw together not only the works and masterpieces symbolic of several Italian cities but Italians as well in a single place.
A collection that reminds us that Italy, and Italian fashion, are unique in the world.

Catwalk Frankie Morello Spring Summer 2012 Women Fashion Show
Frankie Morello Spring Summer 2012 Women Fashion Show
Frankie Morello - Spring Summer 2012 Women

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