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Frankie Morello S/S 2012 - Milano Fashion Week
Three girls,three different ways of living life, but the same spirit of adventure and the same attempt to discover their opposites.
And just one trip to Italy, in search of the perfect “Souvenir of Italy” to take back home.
Portofino, Venice, Rome, Pisa, the magnificent Amalfi Coast are the real main characters of this trip. And the luggage?
Just one rucksack, removed from its context and turned into a pure couture version made of printed satin or silk, containing flared skirts, die-cast latex kabans, pants arriving right above the ankle and tops beneath the bust reminiscent of the American look.
Short is perfect “cyclist” style that peek out beneath the skirt open front and the gusto of that elegant and sophisticated – though always ironic – glamor that marked the years when Italians traveled astride Vespas and discovered the Dolce Vita.
The symbolic elements of the Italian cities are taken to the extreme and turned into souvenirs to wear in the form of pins,scarves and prints.
Clothes become ironic postcards to wear as a keepsake of the 1950′s Italy devoted to growing and merging and to the quest – still under way today – for the ideal city, the City of Babel, to try to draw together not only the works and masterpieces symbolic of several Italian cities but Italians as well in a single place.
A collection that reminds us that Italy, and Italian fashion, are unique in the world.

Catwalk Frankie Morello Spring Summer 2012 Women Fashion Show
Frankie Morello Spring Summer 2012 Women Fashion Show
Frankie Morello - Spring Summer 2012 Women

Sun, October 2 2011 » Fashion Blog

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