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Jil Sander Fashion Show SS 2018 Milan
Jil Sander Fashion Show SS 2018


The brand, while simple on the surface, unravels itself as an extremely complex set of contrasts and nuances. However at the core is a simple concept: soul. Jil Sander is about soul, sensitivity, humanity. It is about quality. It is about essential design and an approach to garments and products that is pure and refined. It is about finding the delicate balance between perfection and imperfection. Most importantly it is an equal part of a life that embraces art, music, film, architecture, spirituality, and consciousness.

Lucie and Luke Meier are honored to present their first runway show for Jil Sander, the brand that has informed their approach to design since their interest began. This is their initial gesture of continuing this approach in their own way.

The Spring/Summer 2018 collection, comprised of women’s and men’s looks, demonstrates sensitivity and purity in combination with modern construction and innovation. This contrast is fundamental to what the Meiers want to maintain within their work at the brand, celebrating nature and the human touch while embracing progressive ingenuity. This is precisely why the venue was selected: a work of human creation that frames the magnificence of nature.

A pure palette of whites with navy, camel, and black recalls the house codes, while bright colors gives strength to voluminous knits. The white poplin shirt is revisited in several iterations; new proposals of tailoring construction are demonstrated against light, airy drapes; traditional and functional smock and elastic distortion connect masculine functionality with feminine volumes; handwork is essential to the preciousness of the macramé and embroidered detailing.

The end goal achieved is one that creates an emotion within the clothes. They are created to live in and become a part of real life.


SS 2018 Jil Sander Fashion Show
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SS 2018 Fashion Show Jil Sander
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