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Kenzo Fashion Show SS 2020 Paris
Kenzo Fashion Show SS 2020


For our ultimate collection for KENZO, the Spring-Summer 2020 collection, we looked to the home of our founder Kenzo Takada, and more specifically to the surrounding seas of Japan where groups of strong, tenacious and modern-day super-heroes plunge daily
to retrieve treasures at the bottom of the ocean.

The Ama are groups of Japanese female free divers, who, for over 2000 years have dived to the ocean floor to forage for seafood such as shrimp, urchins or even pearls for their communities. They train from their beginnings as teenagers, taught by their predecessors who can dive well into their 70s.

Due to breath training, Ama can stay underwater for significant amounts of time in one go. Over time their numbers have declined, and these intrepid fisherwomen can now only be found sporadically in pockets along the Japanese coastlines. Withstanding harsh and sometimes freezing temperatures, they have become known as the last mermaids.

Our collections are a tapestry of elements combining traditionally marine associated garments with modern and technical diving gear. For women, neoprene suiting in orange, violet and black are juxtaposed against crushed wet-look jersey tops and dresses. Skirts in mermaid jacquard linens are adorned with pearl buttons while nylon tops in vivid colors of corals have sleeves rolled up to the shoulder.

Transparent suiting complements the prints of shrimp, mermaids and sea lilies. High waisted trousers feature an assembly of embroideries, reminiscent of treasures amassed while diving. Woven ikats feature on either dresses, tops for women or as panelling on shirts and trousers for men. Tailoring in liquid viscose, sun-bleached denims and ikat prints also straddle both collections.

For menswear, hardy rubberised outerwear appears in orange and violet while Hawaïan shirts abound with prints of sea lilies or urchins. Solarised cotton sweaters in indigo or dark greys walk along side tailored jackets with shawl collars and rough edges. Jackets and coats in summer linens feature sailor collars and shorts are made of high frequency lazer-cut nylons. Suits are cropped and boxy and classic ‘K’ shirts feature net panels color blocked in lilac and orange. Net prints appear in dégradé pigments on printed cotton.

In our Fall-Winter 2019 collection for KENZO, we introduced a new bag, ‘The Tali’. We revisit the Tali for Spring-Summer 2020, updating it within the themes of the new collection and we introduce a new smaller version, The Mini Tali. Skins of viper snake resemble fish scales. Dégradés recall the approaching light seen from the bottom of the ocean floor.

Net straps and bumbags mirror the belt pouches used by the Ama to retrieve their rewards. Sunglasses are high performance and feature solarised lenses to protect. For women, traditional Japanese Okobo sandals in the sea-lily print walk alongside scuba sock sandals and a new unisex sneaker style, the scuba inspired K-Wave for men and women.

Carol Lim & Humberto Leon


SS 2020 Kenzo Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Kenzo
SS 2020 Fashion Show Kenzo
Spring 2020 Menswear Kenzo
Summer 2020 Fashion Trends Kenzo

Thu, June 27 2019 » Fashion Blog


Kenzo Fashion Show FW 2019 Paris
Kenzo Fashion Show FW 2019


At a time when the movement of peoples and the spread of cross-cultural dialogue marks our daily lives more than ever, our interest in telling personal stories at KENZO has never felt more appropriate. For the Fall-Winter 2019 collection, our focus turned to Humberto’s Chinese-Peruvian heritage – the Tusán people whose ancestors arrived from Guangdong province to settle in Peru in the 19th century. Today they number in the millions, and the diffusion of Asian traditions throughout South America is a palpable force.

This rich and colorful exchange of stories mixes with the contemporary realities of alpine life, as extreme conditions see both men and women layering bright, ethnic textiles with modern tactical garments. In our interpretation, the drama of the Andean colour palette (from Cusco to Machu Picchu) meets piles of fuzzy texture and a touch of Parisian sophistication. Couched in the Ayahuasca dreamscape show set by the artist Pablo Amaringo, this collection invokes discovery and exploration through mind, body, and spirit.

Within the women’s collection, hiking gear has an overt feminine twist, as swirling polar fleece comes tailored and swathes of waterproof nylon are given soft volume and drape. Inspired by the import of rice into Peru, knitwear and recycled raffia pieces feature custom KENZO calligraphy, and an archive ‘Earth’ print returns under the cover of clouds.

Pollera and pencil skirts receive the technical treatment, traced with drawstrings and paired with zipped mock-necks or patch-pocket blouses in tonal ensembles. Papery leather shines in roomy parka and anorak shapes, whilst shaggy jacquard faux-furs create wood print and blanket plaid effects. 5-pocket jean and cropped cargos are cut in winter wools or acid-washed denim.

Menswear takes the road less traveled, keeping in mind the military trappings of early explorers. Transformable all-weather outerwear pieces feature harness collars, reversible mesh linings, and detachable pocket gloves. A membrane coating gives pop tailoring extra bounce, as zip-up polar fleece returns in roomy quilted jogging pants (mimicked elsewhere by luxe striped shearling). Worn with plaid felt overcoats and checkered crew knits, straight canvas trousers zip-off in color-blocked panels. In the same way, a three-pocket bag zips out into backpack, tote, and fanny pack shapes.

Blinking from a resin bijoux ‘eye’ clasp, our new KENZO Tali double flap bag is unveiled for the season in a rainbow of colors and crafted in stamped lizard and faux croc leathers or oval ‘eye’ quilting. Held in the hand, on the shoulder, or worn cross-body, it comes printed with the season’s KENZO rice bag motifs and swings with sunglass cases or shaggy shoulder straps.

For men and women, footwear styles see town and country collide, with laced Inka trekking boots and mesh sneakers lifted on stacked soles. Women’s Lima kitten heels fuse faux fur under plastic, whilst squared boots lace up the calf with a scuba sock insert.

Carol Lim & Humberto Leon


FW 2019-20 Kenzo Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Kenzo
FW 2019-20 Fashion Show Kenzo
Fall 2019 Menswear Kenzo
Winter 2019 Fashion Trends Kenzo

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Kenzo Fashion Show FW 2017 Paris
Kenzo Fashion Show FW 2017


Kenzo Women’s & Men’s collections for Fall/Winter 2017/18

A discovery of an arctic surfing subculture led us to a wardrobe that combines wild protection with an urban sensibility. Celebrating the women and men who experience as raw an environment as it gets, and hoping for it to continue forever.

Vivid colors appear throughout – winter blue and raincoat yellows. Prints include geo tiger patterns, checks and argyles, Hawaiian meets arctic surfer floral, glacier beach and degrade aurora borealis. Knits are intricate and robust. Northern folklores appear with ribbon on dresses and skirts.

Shearlings in orange are propped up against peplum parkas. Dresses feature x-ray layering. Ready-for-survival, shrunken ski gear. Coats auto-affixed to blazers and leather argyles.

The use of our backstage as the set for this show was a conscious decision to create dialogue with ideas for us and to contribute financially to their cause. In addition, for Fall 2017 we have partnered with earth guardians to create products that will further push their message.

Carol Lim & Humberto Leon


FW 2017-18 Kenzo Fashion Show Man
Man Model Fashion Show Kenzo
Man FW 2017-18 Fashion Show Kenzo
Fall 2017-18 Menswear Kenzo
Man Winter 2017 Fashion Trends Kenzo

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Model Kenzo Backstage Paris
Backstage Kenzo Model
Kenzo Backstage Models
Backstage Model Kenzo
Kenzo Backstage SS 2017 Model
Make Up Backstage Kenzo
Backstage Kenzo Fashion Show Model

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Kenzo Fashion Show SS 2017 Paris
Kenzo Fashion Show SS 2017


In 1977, Kenzo Takada showed at legendary club, ‘Studio 54′. Grace Jones performed, Jerry Hall walked. For this collection we want to celebrate the euphoria of an assembly of cultures. A space filled to the brim with individuals whose style speaks volumes. Women who wear distinctiveness as an expression of freedom.

An invitation to work with the archives of renowned artist Antonio Lopez was the starting point for this collection. Antonio’s work documents an iconic time in paris, of which Kenzo was an integral part. It felt relevant and exciting to pay homage to that, and re-interpret it for the Kenzo woman today. A woman like donna jordan or pat cleveland, both strong, beautiful and unparalleled. Grid-like photo formations, collages and sketches of polaroids once loaned but never returned. These images are transposed onto varying garments, offering a new lease of life to such beautiful imagery.

Ponchos, parkas and military raincoats are reimagined as light, voluminous dresses and blouses, in technical taffetas with metal snaps or drawstrings. Shiny fabrics – nylons, sequins, lamés are juxtaposed against cotton drills, raw denims or military cottons. Broken camouflage exists alongside classic motifs. Soft pinks are played against bright reds or cherry. Pink and blue lamés wax lyrical to disco anthems. Trousers and skirts are high waisted and with volume. Shoulders are softly rounded.

Accessories are worn as jewelry. Clutches become cross body’s through adjustable straps. Glittered and chainmail bags come as shoppers, harnesses or bum bags. Chainmail bandanas accentuate the neckline. Oversized crystal and sequined earrings reflect the light. Stiletto sandals walk with coiled heels.

Carol Lim & Humberto Leon


SS 2017 Kenzo Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Kenzo
SS 2017 Fashion Show Kenzo
Spring 2017 Womenswear Kenzo

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Spring Fashion Man Kenzo Collection 2016
Spring Fashion Man Kenzo Collection


From a very young age, we have been intrigued by the notion of a voyage, of traveling and the exploration of the deserted. When creating this collection for summer 2016, we think of the man who makes these roving forays across uncharted lands. We imagine his strong, experienced, utilitarian and purposeful silhouette.

We consider his eracticality and resourcefulness. The silhouette is boxy, easy and loose. Breathable fabrics make for more comfortable movement. “pull” tags on classic garments exaggerate their functionality and transform shapes and lengths. Fabrics resemble tent or parachute materials that have been repurposed.

Leather mesh outerwear let winds pass. Ultra light fabrics of paper-like nylons, waterproof or crinkled cottons are worn with more heavy cotton nattes, spongey Wool/nylons or bonded jersey. The color palette camouflages the wearer into his surroundings.

Beige, sunbleached yellow and stone are matched with tobaccos and anthracites. Cactus flower tones offer pops of fuchsia. Prints of lunar maps, rippled sand and exaggerated cactus appear sporadically. 3D cactus knits offer extra volume.

Multi-pocket, shape-changing parachute bags allude to the freedom of these wayfarers. Cross strap sandals and reimagined desert boots in suede or patent leather have thick soles to combat the arid and tough terrain. Sunglasses are set in planet-like frames.


Summer 2016 Fashion Show Kenzo Collection
Summer Trends 2016 Kenzo Collection
Spring Summer 2016 Fashion Collection Kenzo
2016 Spring Fashion Man Kenzo Collection
Spring 2016 Men Fashion Show Kenzo Collection

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Fall Fashion Woman Kenzo Collection 2015
Fall Fashion Woman Kenzo Collection


For our Fall-Winter collection for Kenzo we celebrate a collective. We explore togetherness through camaraderie, ceremony and protection. Their abode is the wild, their refuge forged through their friendship with the surrounding trees and forest. Looks are defined by their warmth, draping and volumes.

Capes and blankets in graphic jacquards and shearlings wrap nocturnal floral printed dresses and trousers. Tops and skirts with cartridge pleats envelope the body and provide an extra protection when layered with knits with feathered edges.

Black, forest greens and sun yellows meld with prints of graphic dissectred rays or labyrinths. Delicate fabrics of georgette, fil coupe or chiffoned silk juxtaposed with melton wools offer polished notions of armor. Glimpses of boucle embroideries and prints in distorted camouflages elegantly sheath.

Accentuating the silhouettes are multi colored cross body leather backpacks, suede bike bucket bags, travel bags in cornflower blue and python platform chelsea boots or heels with webbing.

Humberto Leon & Carol Lim


Winter 2015 Fashion Show Kenzo Collection
Winter Trends 2015 Kenzo Collection
Fall Winter 2015 16 Fashion Collection Kenzo
2016 Fall Fashion Woman Kenzo Collection
Fall 2015 Women Fashion Show Kenzo Collection

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Fall Fashion Man Kenzo Collection 2015
Fall Fashion Man Kenzo Collection
Winter 2015 Fashion Show Kenzo Collection
Winter Trends 2015 Kenzo Collection
Fall Winter 2015 16 Fashion Collection Kenzo
2016 Fall Fashion Man Kenzo Collection
Fall 2015 Men Fashion Show Kenzo Collection

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Kenzo Woman Paris Fashion Week

Kenzo © Copyright 2014


Kenzo Woman Paris Fashion Week
Summer Kenzo Trends 2015 Woman
Summer 2015 Fashion Show Kenzo
Spring Summer 2015 Fashion Model Kenzo
Spring 2015 Woman Fashion Show Kenzo

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Kenzo © Copyright 2013


Kenzo men’s collection fall/winter 2013 is an exploration of the skies, inflected by ancient mythologies of the mystical world above.

The collection merges the urbanized modern world on the ground with the boundless heavens.

A celestial theme pervades the prints: daytime and nighttime clouds, lightning bolts, raindrops and stars appear throughout the collection.

Double-breasted “pilot” coats and cabans create a distinguished masculine figure, while trousers are skinny and have an effect of parachute fabrics in nylon.

Voluminous jackets, evoking the imagined touch of cumulus clouds are paired with tailored pants for a silhouette that floats on the body yet is grounded by elegant structure.

The silhouette of an asian warrior, a recurrent figure in mythical battles, is introduced through the absence of lapels on wrapped coats and jackets.

The Kenzo tiger is reincarnated as a double-headed flying creature and is joined by dragons and serpents, who populate the sky jungle.

Moleskin, chevron, gabardine, felted jacquards, and multicolored tweeds elevate the nonchalant yet controlled masculine jackets.

The patchwork on boots and dress shoes is inspired by the graphic lines of airplanes. An observation on pilots soaring through the air, riding the sky, masters of the clouds.


Kenzo continues its collaborations with Delfina Delettrez and introduces mens jewelry in the main themes of the collection.

Lightning bolt the pins and fasteners adorn the shirts and ties and complement the metal handkerchiefs tucked away in the breast pocket of the elegant coats.

Kenzo partners with Boblbee, a bag company that specializes in backpacks and crossbody bags with hard shells made for protecting your possessions on any journey.

For the runway collection, Kenzo and Boblbee created laptop cases, pouches, and backpacks that feature the unique prints of the collection.


Kenzo Man Pitti Uomo
Catwalk Kenzo Fall Winter 2013 14 Men Collection Pitti Uomo
Winter 2013 Fashion Show Kenzo
Fall Winter 2013 14 Fashion Men's Collection Kenzo

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