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Story: the Worlds of Cartier

At the start, the Cartier brothers opened their boutiques in three main cities: Louis ran the Paris boutique (opened in 1899) at 13 rue de la Paix, while Jacques oversaw the British operations out of the 175 New Bond Street boutique in London and Pierre developed the New World from the boutique on New York’s Fifth Avenue (opened in 1909).
All three Cartier brothers shared an unassailable passion for exploring the world which prompted fabulous encounters and friendships in countless countries.
The film looks at the key cultural influences and exceptional people that fueled the House’s creative efforts. For the first time ever, Cartier reveals a glimpse into the imaginary World inhabited by its designs, under the watchful gaze of its iconic muse, the Panther.

Direction: a signature Cartier blend of dreams and reality

Cartier hired Bruno Aveillan to direct the film. A graduate of Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Toulouse, Mr Aveillan is one of the world’s leading advertising film directors. Cartier wanted first and foremost to privilege “realism”, even if animations were necessary for certain scenes.
The director employed a crew of around 60 staff for the on-location shoots.
The special-effects team numbered around 50 designers working for over six months.

L' Odyssée de Cartier

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