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Marine Serre Fashion Show FW 2019 Paris

Marine Serre© Copyright 2019

Time warp yourself into the future. Apocalypse has struck. Ecological crises and climate wars are destroying the last remains of civilization as we know it.

However, small numbers of survivors are finding refuge in shelters and caves deep underground. Tiny branches of rather peculiar people are birthing communities of an entirely new kind.

Here something is brewing, fermenting, yeasting, radiating.

They are morphing and transforming a weird new style. A new pluriversal mode, equipping them for embattling a hostile old world, while defending their delicate own.

They mobilize the shamanic animalism from forgotten tribes, strangely but effectively combining them with Apollo space-suits and action-hero tailored coats. Shiny puffed jackets, fluorescent yellow uniforms, ponchos made of bedcovers and hanging hybrid robes…

Their fragile yet radical street-style goes mad, with balaclavas, psychedelic velvet, and dresses from garbage – jewellery embellished from driftwood and shells next to valuables from the trash-heaps of history: microchips, glistering metals and old coins.

Then, inevitably, a dangerous other side, a wild inner nature, so long repressed, returns embodied on the scene.

What the old world had carefully cut off and ignored comes back transformed, and with a deadly vengeance – allied with today’s swarms of jellyfish, bush fires, or hyper resistant superbugs. In an explosion of green, pink and grey silver, the artificial dividing line between nature and culture collapses, and the arrival of a new being is foretold.

Welcome to MARINE SERRE’s hallucinaut FW19 collection. The future has begun.


Marine Serre Fashion Show FW 2019
FW 2019-20 Marine Serre Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Marine Serre
FW 2019-20 Fashion Show Marine Serre
Fall 2019 Womenswear Marine Serre
Winter 2019 Fashion Trends Marine Serre

Thu, February 28 2019 » Fashion Blog

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