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Marine Serre Fashion Show FW 2020 Paris

Marine Serre © Copyright 2020


Imagine Dune: humans have spread out over a series of inter-connected, life supporting planets. Their styles are way beyond what we know today – theirknowledge has evolved, their ability to comprehend has enlarged. They are able to travel between worlds, using a mysterious Mélange…

A Mind that Mélanges references, like a Motor. A Motor that Mélanges Minds. In this cosmos, creativity reigns. In this pluriverse, the uncanny, ambiguous, and obtuse are considered qualities, signalling realism, refined style, and insight. The hallucinatory endlessness of possibilities grasped, observed, faced, with eyes wide open.
A Motored Mind Mélange.

Land on a white planet, at night, where reflective moons tremble amidst snowy embroidered tablecloths and cushion covers, assembled forming flare djellaba’s and dresses. A distant explosion announces sharp houndstooth business armours, led by a double-breasted dress-coat, as a memory of our past in a thousand years from now. But the thread becomes softer until a comforted black and fuchsia knit intervenes, a couple in vibrant yoga activewear and pillow boa’s, walking across at ease, on a hybrid babusch-sportshoe – not forgetting their string bags and drinking bottle.

Tumbling deep down into the futurist wormhole, a black ball-skirted messenger appears, with glove-bags carrying her navigation device – for a type of steering devoid of linear notions of time, way beyond Euclidian space. Where we dare not look: a guardian of keys, a Reverend Sister-hoodie introduces a tribe of hunter- gatherers in faux-fur bedcovers, shaped with leather, next to a clan of regenerated knitwear.

Night turns day. Temperatures rise to an absolute maximum… A dug-up denim in sanded sunburned yellow birth a carpet-based family. The closer to reality, the more malleable it becomes, and the closer we get to the self-conscious hands from a range of child-magicians in burned psychedelic moons, or acid green-yellow silk scarves.

The sleeper must awaken – and when she does, the dry land passes. A fertile fuchsia flower bursts into the open, and a new generation takes over.

Marine Serre Fashion Show FW 2020
FW 2020-21 Marine Serre Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Marine Serre
FW 2020-21 Fashion Show Marine Serre
Fall 2020 Menswear Marine Serre
Winter 2020 Fashion Trends Marine Serre

Mon, March 2 2020 » Fashion Blog


Marine Serre Fashion Show SS 2020 Paris

Marine Serre © Copyright 2019

Imagine… By hiding in caves and shelters deep underground, small but illustrious groups have survived the Apocalypse – the climate wars, the heatwaves, mass extinction. Closely knit together by their past experiences, and their shared trouble under the old regime, they are coming out of their hide-outs, becoming aware of themselves, in the wasteland of oil and water left behind by those coming before them.

Temperature has gone up radically, but more self-confident than ever, they adapt, and codify their futurist-shamanic styles, their transformative themes – to birth several clans, across generations, species, and genders. For the first of these, black is the preferred colour before all others.

Moiré uniforms, leather embossed pants and shaped dresses, oily raincoats, shaped black satin looks. Black, referring to rebellion, radicalism, and autonomy – but also maturity, simplicity, abstinence. A second adapts tailoring to the new conditions, with a range of red and brown jacquard styles, toward a desert scuba-djellaba dress made of fluid red silk scarf.

The third of the communities entirely repels all ways of the old establishment, and their outdated nature-culture divide, aiming for deep spiritualist bonds across the entities. They do with what they find. Crocheted knitted tablecloth are serially turned in dresses and tops. Bed sheets and curtains of the old world become daily dresses. Former nightgowns, laces and old wool knitted shawls are transfigured into long white multi-layered robes.

For a fourth, the world has become so hot, their tough executive tailored suits are made out of towel… For those with a careful eye: water is indeed seeping through everywhere, and with it, the suggestion of ongoing evolution and hybridization. Morphing forward, to the next stratagem – mechanic or biological, it is not known, and what is the difference? The fifth and last, Marée Noir SS20, this alien Seraphim… the amphibian Queen emerges from it.


Marine Serre Fashion Show SS 2020
SS 2020 Marine Serre Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Marine Serre
SS 2020 Fashion Show Marine Serre
Spring 2020 Womenswear Marine Serre
Summer 2020 Fashion Trends Marine Serre

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Marine Serre Fashion Show FW 2019 Paris

Marine Serre© Copyright 2019

Time warp yourself into the future. Apocalypse has struck. Ecological crises and climate wars are destroying the last remains of civilization as we know it.

However, small numbers of survivors are finding refuge in shelters and caves deep underground. Tiny branches of rather peculiar people are birthing communities of an entirely new kind.

Here something is brewing, fermenting, yeasting, radiating.

They are morphing and transforming a weird new style. A new pluriversal mode, equipping them for embattling a hostile old world, while defending their delicate own.

They mobilize the shamanic animalism from forgotten tribes, strangely but effectively combining them with Apollo space-suits and action-hero tailored coats. Shiny puffed jackets, fluorescent yellow uniforms, ponchos made of bedcovers and hanging hybrid robes…

Their fragile yet radical street-style goes mad, with balaclavas, psychedelic velvet, and dresses from garbage – jewellery embellished from driftwood and shells next to valuables from the trash-heaps of history: microchips, glistering metals and old coins.

Then, inevitably, a dangerous other side, a wild inner nature, so long repressed, returns embodied on the scene.

What the old world had carefully cut off and ignored comes back transformed, and with a deadly vengeance – allied with today’s swarms of jellyfish, bush fires, or hyper resistant superbugs. In an explosion of green, pink and grey silver, the artificial dividing line between nature and culture collapses, and the arrival of a new being is foretold.

Welcome to MARINE SERRE’s hallucinaut FW19 collection. The future has begun.


Marine Serre Fashion Show FW 2019
FW 2019-20 Marine Serre Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Marine Serre
FW 2019-20 Fashion Show Marine Serre
Fall 2019 Womenswear Marine Serre
Winter 2019 Fashion Trends Marine Serre

Thu, February 28 2019 » Fashion Blog


Marine Serre Fashion Show FW 2018 Paris
Marine Serre Fashion Show FW 2018


Manic Soul Machine draws from Marine’s last six months of experience as a designer at the helm of an emerging label. Though deeply anchored in past and present, Marine Serre’s upbeat radicalism always keeps the future in sight. Fall ’18 unveils a splicing of fragments from contemporary life with futuristic references. Tensions combine and evolve, bringing high-end fashion closer to its logical and necessary next step. Doing away with replicas of used looks, but upcycling actual used shirts into unique and irreproducible pieces with a refined, post-apocalyptic stature.

Marine Serre reacts to today’s reality through pragmatic and committed choices. The ‘ethical’ or ‘social’ labels have become far too limiting for what is going on. This is a new reality fashion, that will not be pigeonholed and does not compromise, but simply absorbs, reacts to, and works with the real needs, situations and fantasies over garments in the world today. Why would the world today need another fashion brand? Marine’s own answer: the day of the romantic designer, standing safely in a zone outside of business and production, is over. Inventing fundamentally new solutions to produce garments today is just as exciting to her as combining disparate chains of references on the aesthetic level.

Marine Serre is determined to build a brand that is playing with clothing in its entire scope, including its physical, material, cultural and dream-like dimensions. What Marine Serre truly stands for is a genuine care for reality, grasping a new and radically direct authenticity and inclusivity. She is driven by the desire to push the world of fashion some inches toward an actual future. Manic Soul Machine unfolds through a triptych of freeform movements, each a complementary facet of Marine Serre. The crescent moon from her previous collections has developed into an entire visual lexicon of its own.

The crescent is found in prints of different sorts, in almost all new patterns, in earrings, and huge logos. They are seen glinting on every look, while Marine’s trademark moire fabrics and catsuits emerge at their own rhythm. First, Manic Soul Machine tweaks the vocabulary of utilitarian wear, fusing rough edges and protective outerwear garments with echoes from couture. Stereotypical outerwear such as the biker, denim, or horse rider’s jacket, are reconstructed, adapted and reimagined for future survival.

Jersey and mousse answer to a need for comfortability and protection. Practical bottle, lipstick and phone pockets replace the classic handbag. The functional is never dismissed, but enhanced, while lightweight, wearable shelters come to underline a sharp femininity. A layer below, in the second sequence, reality hits again in another way: even simple cotton t-shirts find their way to the runway. Garments become simpler, uncomplicated and evident. This is the everyday morning wardrobe of Marine’s quintessential commuter, who instinctively picks up signifiers along her daily routine, but with a creative twist, energy and humor that can never be fully repressed.

The pared-down suppleness of athleticwear surfaces through gymnastics hints, and the first upcycled pieces are introduced. The closing act then unleashes the wild clash of inspirations that always remains at the core of Marine’s practice. Clean surf-suit and gymnastic tops flare into floating silhouettes covered in vibrant contrasts of colors and patterns. Techniques collide, and upcycling takes center stage. Used garments are processed as raw materials for a radically new aesthetics.

A series of hybrid dresses, made from repurposed second-hand scarves, are confronted with sportswear shapes and finishings. FutureWear appears bluntly handprinted on one single silk scarf. Then, a huge flamenco-inspired white dress turns up, born out of used shirts and a surf bodice. The crescents are evolving everywhere, spreading from ‘moon-ogrammed’ dresses to trompe l’oeil flower and moon-dotted patterns.


FW 2018-19 Marine Serre Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Marine Serre
Woman FW 2018-19 Fashion Show Marine Serre
Fall 2018-19 Womenswear Marine Serre
Winter 2018 Fashion Trends Marine Serre

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