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Marine Serre Fashion Show SS 2020 Paris

Marine Serre © Copyright 2019

Imagine… By hiding in caves and shelters deep underground, small but illustrious groups have survived the Apocalypse – the climate wars, the heatwaves, mass extinction. Closely knit together by their past experiences, and their shared trouble under the old regime, they are coming out of their hide-outs, becoming aware of themselves, in the wasteland of oil and water left behind by those coming before them.

Temperature has gone up radically, but more self-confident than ever, they adapt, and codify their futurist-shamanic styles, their transformative themes – to birth several clans, across generations, species, and genders. For the first of these, black is the preferred colour before all others.

Moiré uniforms, leather embossed pants and shaped dresses, oily raincoats, shaped black satin looks. Black, referring to rebellion, radicalism, and autonomy – but also maturity, simplicity, abstinence. A second adapts tailoring to the new conditions, with a range of red and brown jacquard styles, toward a desert scuba-djellaba dress made of fluid red silk scarf.

The third of the communities entirely repels all ways of the old establishment, and their outdated nature-culture divide, aiming for deep spiritualist bonds across the entities. They do with what they find. Crocheted knitted tablecloth are serially turned in dresses and tops. Bed sheets and curtains of the old world become daily dresses. Former nightgowns, laces and old wool knitted shawls are transfigured into long white multi-layered robes.

For a fourth, the world has become so hot, their tough executive tailored suits are made out of towel… For those with a careful eye: water is indeed seeping through everywhere, and with it, the suggestion of ongoing evolution and hybridization. Morphing forward, to the next stratagem – mechanic or biological, it is not known, and what is the difference? The fifth and last, Marée Noir SS20, this alien Seraphim… the amphibian Queen emerges from it.


Marine Serre Fashion Show SS 2020
SS 2020 Marine Serre Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Marine Serre
SS 2020 Fashion Show Marine Serre
Spring 2020 Womenswear Marine Serre
Summer 2020 Fashion Trends Marine Serre

Tue, October 1 2019 » Fashion Blog

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