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Known as the Italian ‘Coco Chanel,’ Mila Schön has dressed the fashion worlds most prestige and elite – creating garments that are inspired by the works of great artists and of era’s gone by.

The ‘Spring/Summer ‘14’ collection captures the essence of 1970’s cult cinema, refining the look of the aristocracy at that time. In famous Milanese film scenes, you see a parade of upper-class women, fragile, refined and sensual, accompanied by a seductive and intense soundtrack.

In the 55th anniversary of the birth of the ‘Maison Milanese’ each and every look evokes the initial signature style of the Mila Schön aesthetic using classic and rich double-faced fabrics – a technique invented by the house under the mantra that dresses should be beautiful on both ‘the inside and out.’

A-line dresses and short trench pea coats are enhanced with crinoline hems to create static silhouettes that compliment a woman’s shape and portray an aesthetic of strength. Embroidered leather and suede – inlaid with platinum wire mesh, contrasts the femininity and beauty of light chiffon in mandarin, rose petal and ivory neon colours.

The collection revives a woman’s wardrobe, bringing exciting shapes and pieces such as shorts and silk trousers with an athletic silhouette and reintroducing a new style to the typical Mila Schön A-line shape skirt.

The VHS gem clutch is embroidered with precious Murano beads that have been inspired by the surreal cinema of the seventies. This also shows a tribute to the heritage and a symbol of the brand, within the collection.

The luxurious collection was created for an elegant woman who is strong-minded and effortlessly chic. It is for a woman who simply wears the clothes – and refuses to let the clothes wear her.


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Spring 2014 Woman Fashion Show Mila Schön

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