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Decorative Practicality

The role of functionality resets and reinvents itself with pure aesthetics. Rules made to broken. Sharp, observant, and pensive, the Andrea Incontri woman is conquered by these elements of strength that collide also within her wardrobe. While asphalt roads, intersections and junctions serve as contemporary monuments.

This is the inspiration of the forms, materials and the geometry of the embroideries and prints. It is a new form of vanity that is born from a clear self awareness- like the urban charm of a flower that overcomes the hardness of concrete.

Rigorous lines and clean silhouettes for coats as well as cropped earth colored jackets in the finest of wools. Where pockets are no longer just containers but various decorative elements, just as in a three-dimensional trompe-l’oeil. The severity of it all is however, broken up by purely decoratively placed fur in vertical panels.

The mini jackets with back details of pleated loden, are meant to be worn with mock pleated skirts or oversized pants with fur cuffs. Steadfast fabrics like the grisaille of earth toned and moss colored masculine wools. Unexpected plastification techniques with geometric bands resemble familiar horizontal road signs.

Strong contrasting colors in knits, bring a new functionality to the ribbing of men’s socks, that become into the sleeves of a super feminine pull-over. Black asphalt is the theme of velvets, where prominent zips cut through overtly feminine dresses with linear applications taken from the deconstruction of a pocket. Fur flowers emerge like roadside dandelions.

The Circuit Bag is the handbag of the season. Carried on the shoulder, it has bordered edges in reptile and python leathers, a metal closure, and is designed in contrasting tones of duchesse satin.

Colors such as brick red, chemical green, and taillight orange. Two-tone sandals and stilettos with straps and trims revolve like roads that accompany the feet to another seductive dimension.


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Andrea Incontri © Copyright 2014


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Winter 2014 Fashion Show Andrea Incontri
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