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Gosha Rubchinskiy Fashion Show SS 2018 Saint-Petersburg
Gosha Rubchinskiy Fashion Show SS 2018 Mens Collection


Saint Petersburg, the former capital, brought football to Russia through the British ambassadors formerly stationed there in the 19th century. The historical city also boasts a vibrant electronic music scene which crossed over from Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Following his FW17 show in Kaliningrad, Saint Petersburg was thus the natural choice for Gosha Rubchinskiy to present his Rave Culture themed SS18 collection.

The location of the show, the “DK Svyazi ̈, embodies this strong musical influence as it was known in the late 80’s for its famous Russian rock concerts and, in light of this underground status, was chosen in 1989 by cult artist Timur Novikov to organize the first rave in Russia.

More than just a show space, Gosha was inspired by the ghosts of parties past that still live on in this city. Taking his collaboration with artist Buttechno one step further, they created a music and light project for the occasion. Blurring the lines between the past & present, this installation allowed guests to become part of the experience as soon as they set foot into the space. A publication created for the event by INRUSSIA gives further insight into the emerging rave scene of Saint Petersburg in the 90’s.

For the second season working with Adidas, Gosha developed his own shapes in working closely with the design team in Herzogenaurach. The collaborative pieces combine references to the 90’s rave scene, vintage tracksuits and Russian football gear, all fused together with the knowhow and technology inherent to Adidas.

Teaming up for the first time with iconic British brand Burberry, Gosha revisits timeless classics such as the trenchcoat, harrington jacket and raincoat, which are known around the world and have even earned their place in cultural history. The reworked, oversized shapes provide a contrast to the rest of the collection and help create a complete look rooted in history but looking towards the future.

Accessories include headpieces by miliner Stephen Jones, designed in close collaboration between Stephen, Gosha and Burberry, as well as 90’s inspired sunglasses by Retrosuperfuture.

The worlds of football culture, nightlife and vintage sportswear meet in Gosha’s next chapter. Through his shows, Gosha wishes to share the diversity of his home country and foster exchange between people from all over the world. Just as the upcoming football world cup, taking place in Russia for the first time in 2018, he hopes that he can contribute to breaking walls himself and the world having a better understanding of Russia and that it will inspire people to travel and discover the country for themselves.


SS 2018 Gosha Rubchinskiy Fashion Show Man
Man Model Fashion Show Gosha Rubchinskiy
Man SS 2018 Fashion Show Gosha Rubchinskiy
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Gosha Rubchinskiy Fashion Show FW 2017 Kaliningrad
Gosha Rubchinskiy Fashion Show FW 2017


Gosha Rubchisnkiy’s FW17 collection takes the symbol and strength of international partnerships one step further and marks the beginning of an ongoing collaboration with adidas Football leading up to the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Titled the Football Collection, Gosha’s FW17 apparel is inspired by today’s football fans : young, multidimensional individuals as passionate about the game as they might be about techno music and fashion. Gosha mixes iconic adidas Football on and off pitch pieces with classic suiting, all designed in his signature style to represent this plurality.

Stamped with the word « FOOTBALL » written in cyrillic, the adidas Football x Gosha Rubchinskiy collaboration includes items ranging from a winter padded coat to striped football jerseys, hoodies and accessories as well as the ACE 16+ SUPER and COPA sneakers.

Teaming up with UK milliner Stephen Jones for his FW17 headpieces, Gosha emphasizes the importance of being on a global team. His football fan is nurtured by German technology, British heritage and Russian youth. He is international.

The location of the show is symbolic of this strong worldwide connection. Kaliningrad itself is a piece of Russia in the middle of Europe, and historically a German territory known as Königsberg. The city’s Youth Centre, formely the old Königsberg Stock Exchange, is the perfect backdrop to present this east- meets-west collection and represents the link between past and future.

For this new Russian period Gosha comes back to the motherland for the first time since his 2008 Moscow debut to present a very personal show : from the hair & make-up, styling to a very special casting of boys from all over Russia, all is directed by Gosha.

The music score produced for the occasion in collaboration with Buttechno, as per previous seasons, is constructed exclusively around recorded interviews of the models. Their voices are the sole instruments in the soundtrack not only providing the rhythm to the show but also a portrayal of youth in Russia today.


FW 2017 Gosha Rubchinskiy Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Gosha Rubchinskiy
FW 2017 Fashion Show Gosha Rubchinskiy
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