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Y/Project Fashion Show SS 2020 Paris
Y/Project Fashion Show SS 2020
SS 2020 Y/Project Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Y/Project
SS 2020 Fashion Show Y/Project
Spring 2020 Womenswear Y/Project
Summer 2020 Fashion Trends Y/Project

Thu, October 3 2019 » Fashion Blog


Y/Project Fashion Show SS 2020 Paris
Y/Project Fashion Show SS 2020



Under the nave of the church L’Oratoire du Louvre, Glenn Martens pushes one step further Y/PROJECT’s ethos of deconstruction as a mean of individual expression. The soundtrack itself channels the designer’s ironic take on fashion, mixing the habanera rhythm of George Bizet’s opera Carmen with its Muppet Show parody.

Once again this season, Martens is blurring the perception we may have of clothing by creating impossible objects with an infinity feel, as if the pieces were never- ending. Asymmetry and disproportion run through the collection and distort the traditional silhouette: jackets, coats, polos or blazer dresses assemble front panels of different sizes, one escaping from the classic symmetric pattern and going up the neck. The asymmetric high-waisted fold over pants or pop-up pants, now symbols of this deconstructive design philosophy, are continued this season.

What seems like the real structure is always twisted and creates drapé or 3-D effects. The lining pops out of the blazers and becomes a buttonhole, revealing the garment construction and creating new volumes. The kimono sleeves and double shoulders modify usual proportions by drawing new, bigger contours.

The Y/PROJECT design ethos turns what may look so familiar at first sight into something unexpected. A pocket becomes a sleeve, a collar opens up and turns into a shoulder pad, a classic bomber jacket can be worn upside down. Jackets, whether Barbour, track or bomber, disrupt perception, making it almost impossible to figure out where these garments start and where they end, to distinguish the top from the bottom, or understand how they should be properly worn, mainly because there’s not one right way to wear these pieces.

Martens’ prolific creativity comes to life in a show irrigated by liquefied inspirations, where eclectic references are blended together: the silky flared trousers could be medieval or coming straight out of the 70s, the traditional Polish hand-painted pants stand alongside heavy heeled boots, inventing a new aesthetic language. The showstoppers this season are certainly the bodycon tulle suits looking like drawings walking down the runway, with piping and stitching details outlining the anatomy.

Y/PROJECT’s accessories line is getting elevated every season: the now iconic accordion bag is developed in new color ways and fabric, with a transparent peek- a-boo version which promised to be a summer hit. Two new men’s bags, a weekend one and a more day-to-day version, complete the line and add an extra level of chic.

Unveiled for the first time at Pitti Uomo, the men boots are now proposed with higher heels, buckles and metal tips. The women’s signature spiral sandals are brought back with a new design, as well as the oversize boots. The cut-out mules are embellished with China-like paintings. Two new shoe forms are introduced: platform laced sandals and square-toed heeled boots. While still bold, the jewelry is evolving into a sleeker and more wearable version. A new Y-shaped ear cuff is meant to be an it-accessory.

More than ever, the SS20 collection puts on the runway thought-provoking silhouettes. With versatility at its core, Y/PROJECT celebrates the expression of individuality.


SS 2020 Y/Project Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Y/Project
SS 2020 Fashion Show Y/Project
Spring 2020 Menswear Y/Project
Summer 2020 Fashion Trends Y/Project

Sat, June 22 2019 » Fashion Blog


Y/Project Fashion Show FW 2019 Paris
Y/Project Fashion Show FW 2019



La Maison de la Chimie was the setting of Y/PROJECT’s AW19 FEMME collection, presented on Thursday, February 28th. The classic XVIIIth century architecture of this hôtel particulier mixed with its authentic Art Déco design features mirrors Martens’ eclectic historical and aesthetic references that are trickling through the collection.

Glenn Martens creates a renewed sense of evening elegance, sensuality and drama, executed with the craft and wit Y/PROJECT is renowned for. Inspirations run from the Middle Ages to the 70s, bringing in an incredibly rich variety of fabrics, textures, colors and prints. The blending of corduroy, iridescent velvet, linen, faux-leather and fur, pearls, rhinestones, embroidery and Renaissance floral prints gives an extra bohemian accent to this prolific collection.

The opening look set the tone this new season: a skin-tight dress made of transparent latex strips creating a liquid effect, revealing a fierce, confident woman.

True to Y/PROJECT’s constructionist ethos, deconstructed pieces remain the brand’s main signature: panel, pop up, doubling features continue to punctuate the collection. Panelled shoulders are adapted to a variety of pieces throughout the collection: oversized cardigans, tweed coats with faux-fur details, silk shirt dresses and elegant sweater dresses. The trompe l’oeil hot pants are re-imagined in a tulle stirrup legging version.

The superposition of printed overlays, first explored during SS19 and continued for the AW19 HOMME collection, is taken further this season with tulle wrapping added to knit dresses, polo shirts and tops.

One of the show highlights this season was the surprise appearance of Dutch-Iranian singer Sevdaliza who captivated the audience in a Renaissance faux-leather and faux-fur pleated dress.

Accessories perfectly channel this season’s more dramatic take on fashion, with jewelry at the forefront. Oyster pearl earrings and multi-hoop necklaces, introduced for AW19 HOMME, lights up the runway with rhinestone and pearl embellishments for the womens collection. Erotic sculpture jewelry inject Y/PROJECT’ irony into the collection, with “explicit” bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

The oversize thigh-high heeled boots, now integral to the brand identity, are proposed in a wide ankle version, just like the waders that stole the show at Pitti in January. Lace up sandals brings extra sexiness to the show. A new shoe form, patent leather pointy mules appear to have been sliced open, are have also been revealed.

The best-selling accordion bags from the SS19 collection are now developed in new mini and oversized versions, colorways and floral prints. The collection’s undisputable elegance is accentuated by a new trapezium-shaped bag with chrome-plated details.

In a last ironic nod to traditional French couture, ever the historical enthusiast Glenn Martens completes the show with a dramatic Tudor-inspired wedding dress.


FW 2019-20 Y/Project Fashion Show
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FW 2019-20 Fashion Show Y/Project
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Tue, March 5 2019 » Fashion Blog


Y/Project Fashion Show FW 2017 Paris
Y/Project Fashion Show FW 2017
FW 2017-18 Y/Project Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Y/Project
FW 2017-18 Fashion Show Y/Project
Fall 2017-18 Menswear Y/Project
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Tue, February 21 2017 » Fashion Blog

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