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Frankie Morello Man Milano Fashion Week



“Food for all”, Frankie Morello’s new slogan print, launches a message that’s loud and clear.

“Food is growing trend, but if we take a hard look at the facts, there isn’t food for everyone, both in the world and also here in Italy,” explain Maurizio Modica and Pierfrancesco Gigliotti, the creative directors and founders of the brand in 1999.

What’s more, what we eat has become a metaphor for what is happing in the fashion industry, which needs more genuineness and naturalness, a slower pace, and a search for quality and pleasure.

Used as decorative element, Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s paintings have been given an ironic twist by inserting junk foods like French fries.

The exclusively produced fabrics include jacquard prints with three-dimensional fruit motifs.

Sweatshirts with bright macro patterns are the must-have items this season.

White and blue prevail in the color palette dotted with precise touches of red to create an ultra-clean silhouette.

Traditional sartorial fabrics compose an unexpected aesthetic code when combined with sporty lines. In the same take on contrast, formal suits are made of soft fabrics and ultra-light bomber jackets replace shirts under the slim-fit two-button blazer.

Carry-all backpacks are coordinated and made of the same fabric as outerwear to create habillée moods in a contemporary man’s wardrobe that pay homage to feminine elegance of the past.

Boat shoes are given a new twist with transparent soles.


Summer Frankie Morello Trends 2014 Man
Summer 2014 Fashion Show Frankie Morello
Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Men's Collection Frankie Morello
Spring 2014 Man Fashion Show Frankie Morello

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Ermenegildo Zegna Man Milano Fashion Week


Industry in support of savoir-faire

Conjugating contradictions is the challenge undertaken by the Ermenegildo Zegna Group and Stefano Pilati.

The traditional manual tailoring statute of the brand is poetically translated into an original pièce that took the inspiration by the sound of the machines within the group’s production sites, which has been composed and performed by pianist Maxence Cyrin to intersperse the contemporary rhythm of techno-industrial music by Klas Åhlund, in tune with images shot and edited by director Johan Söderberg for the video background of the Ermenegildo Zegna Fashion show.

Pilati’s concept for his first collaboration with the Zegna Group is clear: the collection is part of an interactive script; its aesthetic told through video and audio suggestions. Tailoring and chromatic gestures are the key elements of a fashion show that will champion the opening of an on-site installation scheduled to last the duration of men’s fashion week.

An action of the Zegna Group in support of the city of Milan to stimulate the interaction between experts in the fashion industry and new consumers of the system.

Fabrics, Kid Mohair and wool jacquard canvas, Oxford in pure wool microeffects, Sable wool and silk, Satin double gatefold wool, Kid Mohair and Silk, Gabardine three-dimensional pure wool, Pure cotton double color, double opening twill, True duplication in canvas of pure silk fabric, Pure wool with floral jacquard with twill base and Chevron background, Gabardine Technica, Oxford polyester and nylon, Structure of cotton and Kid Mohair, Panama in iridescent pure cotton, Full-grain calf suede, Embroidery and applications.

Colors, White 1 Black 2, Navy Blue 3, Dark Blue 4, Light Blue 5, Sky Blue 6, Ivory 7, Butter 8, Sand 9,Tortora 10, Antique Rose 11, Coral 12, Brick 13, Bordeaux 14, Chick 15, Apricot 16, Saffron 17, Coffee 18, Olive 19, Khaki 20, Tobacco 21, Mud 22, Meadow 23, Ice 24, Clay 25, Asphalt 26, D’Annunzio 27, Antique Blue 28, Lovat 29, Light Jade 30 Medium Jade 31, Sage 32, Fern 33.


Summer Ermenegildo Zegna Trends 2014 Man
Summer 2014 Fashion Show Ermenegildo Zegna
Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Men's Collection Ermenegildo Zegna
Spring 2014 Man Fashion Show Ermenegildo Zegna

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Backstage Fashion Show Ermanno Scervino
Backstage Ermanno Scervino Man Milano Fashion Week
Backstage Ermanno Scervino
Backstage Ermanno Scervino 2014

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Ermanno Scervino © Copyright 2013


Denim provides the leitmotif for the collection, amid icons of the past and present.

ERMANNO SCERVINO: “The man of the next summer season highlights his contemporaneity through the denim, which overcomes the habitual standards and becomes the man character of the collection”.

The Ermanno Scervino man looks to the legendary figures that seduced entire generations, but with subtlety, asking no more of his clothing than to reflect his desires, passion and charm.

The designer’s creative approach to the SS 2014 collection takes inspiration from the icons of the past and present, such as Marcello Mastroianni, JFK and Barack Obama, as well as Mick Jagger, Marlon Brando, James Dean and Steve McQueen.

Denim is the key element of the collection and comes in a wide variety of shades and finishes. It becomes tailored, doubled in the collection’s pea coats and jackets, or lacquered with an innovative finish that transforms it without altering its classic denim soul.

The green, black, blue, putty grey and orange denim is lacquered in the collection’s trousers and contrasting stripes.

VOLUMES: new proportions for jackets that pare down the figure, making it cleaner; the trousers are sharp, the pea coats linear and the jackets slim-fit, with rubberised grow-grain details and contrasting stripes.

MATERIALS: new textured effects can be observed in the technical mesh bonded to crêpe de chine, and the leather and suede matched with fine weaves of silk in the jackets, duster coats and shirts. The biker jackets features grossamer-light-croc-print glove leather, while the trousers Swarovski details on shirts and accessories.

PATTERNS: geometric motifs of criss-cross stripes and argyle patterns in the light mohair, stainless steel cotton and cashmere sweaters, with stripes reappearing as trim in the pea coasts and bomber jackets.

ACCESSORIES: lace-up derby shoes in denim and lacquered denim, Oxford shoes with platform soles in two-tone micro-rubber. Denim-coloured and putty grey macramé scarves.

COLOURS: all types of denim wash. Shades: blue, green, black, orange and putty grey.


Ermanno Scervino Man Milano Fashion Week
Summer Ermanno Scervino Trends 2014 Man
Summer 2014 Fashion Show Ermanno Scervino
Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Men's Collection Ermanno Scervino
Spring 2014 Woman Fashion Show Ermanno Scervino

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Canali Man Milano Fashion Week
Summer Canali Trends 2014 Man
Summer 2014 Fashion Show Canali
Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Men's Collection Canali
Spring 2014 Woman Fashion Show Canali

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Iceberg Man Milano Fashion Week


The frenetic pace of life in the big metropolis, the dynamic flux and constant discovery of new styles and languages.

Young men speeding toward work on bikes, racing against time on a journey full of hidden dangers and amazing surprises.

Everyday experience becomes urban safari: so is the inspiration for a collection offering a unique slant on our new liquid society. The constant motion that, in the Information Age, turns living into a great adventure once again.

An urbane vision of dressing where formal duality – daytime/evening, inside/outdoor, warm/cold – finds expression in a sole all-encompassing solution.

Sportswear moves forward, evolves thanks to the elaboration of specific designs, items then made finer and richer through tech mesh linings, double openwork leathers, intarsia knits, ergonomic cuts and grosgrain inserts.

Fleece fabric, cashmere, jersey and silk in black, navy and khaki hues. Touches of blue and orange evoking 1990s industrial design, back when shape & color were one and the same.


Summer Iceberg Trends 2014 Man
Summer 2014 Fashion Show Iceberg
Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Men's Collection Iceberg
Spring 2014 Woman Fashion Show Iceberg

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Ji Wenbo Man Milano Fashion Week
Summer Ji Wenbo Trends 2014 Man
Summer 2014 Fashion Show Ji Wenbo
Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Men's Collection Ji Wenbo
Spring 2014 Woman Fashion Show Ji Wenbo

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Daks Man Milano Fashion Week


The DAKS menswear collection for SS14 takes its inspiration from seaside holidays in the early 1930′s, at that time a pastime for the privileged few.

The collection reflects the style of the English gentleman, elegant both in mind and manners, leaving for an exclusive holiday resort. The clothing and luggage evoke an impeccably dressed gentleman, strolling along the shore in Deauville, or sitting on the balcony of the Hotel de Bains, amid the white flowering hydrangeas.

The colour palette is elegantly neutral, with white, black and grey dominating. A sophisticated shade of dusty green brings to mind the sea in the late afternoon on the beginning of summer and the appearance of the DAKS House Check endorses the British Heritage of the brand.

DAKS’ heritage is also referenced in the trouser styles which are either simple and slim or more ample, pleated and high waisted, evoking the “self support” trousers invented and patented by DAKS in 1934. Suiting features double-breasted, slightly longer lenght jackets, in white piquet or in fine grey and black English worsted wool.

Knitwear occupies an important place in the collection. Produced in fine fibres such as cashmere, ilk and cotton, it refers in a precise, detailed manner to the epoch of the collection.

Accessories also play an important part, particularly bags, which are produced in fine luxurious leather, as well as crocodile and ostrich. Ostrich also features in a classic take on a Mackintosh trench.

This season certain iconic garments are given an eccentric twist, such as a dinner suit made in white toweling which is worn casually and lightly on bare skin. The sophisticated Englishman does not make any concessions to himself or his look, unless is some slight hint calculated irony which always shows us the way to elegance.


Summer Daks Trends 2014 Man
Summer 2014 Fashion Show Daks
Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Men's Collection Daks
Spring 2014 Men Fashion Show Daks

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Trussardi Man Milano Fashion Week


From the city streets to the desert

For next summer, Trussardi sets off on a new journey, taking its man from the city streets to the desert. Endless arid scenery flooded with dazzling light: the hustling city is abandoned for a new adventure in the heart of the sandy empire where the Trussardi man puts his masculinity and strength to the test. Clean lines and a dusty color palette express authentic understated luxury.

An active and charismatic man who loves adventure

The silhouette is flowing and natural. The desert palette is inspired by the passing hours on the sand dunes: cool notes of light blue, beige, pale green, and chalk brightened with flashes of terracotta and blue to compose a rich texture. The desert is transfigured into intriguing materials with texture such as leather and rough canvas.

Leather, the signature material of Trussardi, is turned into an impalpable, opaque fabric. Used for raw-cut jackets, duster coats, K-way jackets, Bermuda shorts, shirts, slim-fit five-pocket jeans, leather is once again the absolute star of the entire men’s collection.

When leather is paired up with rough textured canvas, it creates a visually seductive and tactilely intriguing play of contrasts. Wrinkled surfaces are combined with naturalistic prints, and oversized sweaters reveal the soft side of this collection with roughly elegant allure.

Accessories in opaque materials – hobo bags, multi-pocket canvas shoulder bags, and backpacks made of buffalo, ostrich, and nappa python leather – accompany the Trussardi man through the desert dunes. This is the wardrobe of the perfect modern traveler who loves understated luxury.


Summer Trussardi Trends 2014 Man
Summer 2014 Fashion Show Trussardi
Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Men's Collection Trussardi
Summer 2014 Fashion Trends Trussardi

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Missoni Man Milano Fashion Week


In continuing recognition of Misson’s 60th anniversary, the men’s Spring/Summer 2014 offering continues to draw inspiration from the family’s artisanal knitwear heritage and continues its focus on knit fabrics only made in Sumirago Italy.

For Spring Summer 2014 Missoni has introduced a special loom knit fabric that has been made with an exclusive rubbed coated yarn, this is featured in a special partnership with Hancock of Scotland – expert coat makers with vulcanised cloths, where a package of three outerwear pieces are created with Missoni knit detail.

The season’s distinct colour palette comes from the radiation textiles and landscapes of the region of West Africa. Of particular reference are the indigo tie dye textiles of Benin, where shades of indigo, ink and midnight blue amalgamate to make the new Missoni Blue.

Sand, dark terracotta and clay are present to recreate pieces inspired by mud dye cloths of Mali. Dark olive, khaki, sage and forest green are inspired from the lush rainforests of Ivory Coast.

The special use of textures resonates across the collection where classic men’s wardrobe staples are transformed in rich jacquards, plaited stitches and graceful stripes in fluid linen mélanges, cotton crepes and light summer cashmere.

This season is also typified by the varied print techniques inspired by forest shadows on a scorching day or prints taken from traditional methods of folded tie dying. High waist trousers in tropical weight drill give the collection a relaxed atmosphere, while a classic military shirt knitted in iconic space dye gets a Missoni twist.

The continuing collaboration with Jean Machine creates a relaxed pleated pant, denim jacket and a five pocket jean with Missoni features. The partnership in its a second season with artisanal shirt makers Finamore of Napoli brings exclusive hand finished shirts.

A textured linen slipper in a signature Missoni intarsia has been created by C.B. Made in Italy and an iconic Missoni space dye fabric has been used to create a special show version of the Jack Purcell by Converse.


Summer Missoni Trends 2014 Man
Summer 2014 Fashion Show Missoni
Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Men's Collection Missoni
Summer 2014 Fashion Trends Missoni

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