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Frankie Morello Man Milano Fashion Week



“Food for all”, Frankie Morello’s new slogan print, launches a message that’s loud and clear.

“Food is growing trend, but if we take a hard look at the facts, there isn’t food for everyone, both in the world and also here in Italy,” explain Maurizio Modica and Pierfrancesco Gigliotti, the creative directors and founders of the brand in 1999.

What’s more, what we eat has become a metaphor for what is happing in the fashion industry, which needs more genuineness and naturalness, a slower pace, and a search for quality and pleasure.

Used as decorative element, Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s paintings have been given an ironic twist by inserting junk foods like French fries.

The exclusively produced fabrics include jacquard prints with three-dimensional fruit motifs.

Sweatshirts with bright macro patterns are the must-have items this season.

White and blue prevail in the color palette dotted with precise touches of red to create an ultra-clean silhouette.

Traditional sartorial fabrics compose an unexpected aesthetic code when combined with sporty lines. In the same take on contrast, formal suits are made of soft fabrics and ultra-light bomber jackets replace shirts under the slim-fit two-button blazer.

Carry-all backpacks are coordinated and made of the same fabric as outerwear to create habillée moods in a contemporary man’s wardrobe that pay homage to feminine elegance of the past.

Boat shoes are given a new twist with transparent soles.


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Special thanks to Floriana Di Carlo Photographer

Fri, September 13 2013 » Fashion Blog

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