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Sacai Fashion Show SS 2020 Paris
Sacai Fashion Show SS 2020


“That rug really tied the room together”

Designer Chitose Abe riffs on her signature hybridisation, taking Dude from The Big Lebowski’s observation as her starting point to join two familiar forms together in a new way.

Tuxedo pieces make for a more elegant and sartorial perspective, playing with scale and de-constructing sacai-style. Two tuxedo shirts of opposing scales are ’tied together’ with a stitched on bow tie, left hanging open. Half belts ’tie together’ two coats or tailored jackets to make one new piece. An over-sized denim jacket is attached to a shrunken version of the same; a child’s size MA1 jacket is joined to an over-sized adult scaled version of the same.

Familiar forms are cut with a two-dimensional approach, void of the contouring and fabric wastage associated with traditional pattern cutting, creating a new draped silhouette when worn on the body; a new exaggerated, slouchy ease that’s reinforced by joining together clothing items to make one piece. A tuxedo shirt and pants re-imagined as a dress; pants and a shirt become one.

Taking inspiration from the utilitarian style of fishermen from a bygone era, whole hybridised looks are made from a single fabric, this time playing with the forms to create the juxtaposition. A t-shirt silhouette made of suiting fabric, with the fabrication’s original intent suggested by tailored jacket detailing at the hem, re-positioned pockets and suit lining sleeves.

Celebrating the archival prints of Hawaiian shirt legend Duke Kahanamoku with SUN SURF..

“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” – T-shirts made from newly developed Brewed Protein Blended sustainable fabric by Spiber, featuring graphics by Fabien Baron.

Sacai x Gramicci mountaineering pants, designed for maximum range of motion when climbing.

Previewing the next instalment of Nike x sacai sneakers.


SS 2020 Sacai Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Sacai
SS 2020 Fashion Show Sacai
Spring 2020 Womenswear Sacai
Summer 2020 Fashion Trends Sacai

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Palomo Spain Fashion Show SS 2020 Paris

Palomo Spain © Copyright 2019



Palomo Spain presents its Pompeii collection for the next spring / summer 2020, in which Alejandro Gomez Palomo pays tribute to Pompeii, the Roman city destroyed by the eruption of Vesuvius, and at the same time establish a temporary conversation between past, present and future.

Buried under the gray of the ashes and the volcanic rock of Mount Vesuvius, lies a distant civilization of Palomo boys who have been subjected to a deep lethargy over many centuries. They have chosen the spring summer of 2020 to emerge from the depths, to reclaim that lost essence and become the man of the future: A man imbued with the beauty of frescoes and half-destroyed mosaics of a city frozen in time, and who has been driven by the burning lava in a lysergic journey to our days.

According to the Cordovan designer, his intention with Pompeii is “to recover a culture that has been lethargic under the ashes of Pompeii, with the intention of making a direct parallel with menswear of the last few decades”. It is, he continues, “like the lethargy of masculine fashion, in front of which we function as a catalyst to rise from the ashes, meet the future and blend in with it and with the new materials it discovers”.

In the collection there is an important mix of messages and textures that bring the usual fantasy of the Palomo Spain universe to a more realistic world. It highlights the use of linen, silk, feathers and lace – very organic fabrics – mixed with psychedelic moirés, burlap and new elements to the house such as PVC or nylon. In a constant dialogue between the past and the future and the way in which they interact, these elements add a strong and faithful message to the particular imagination of the Spanish designer.

Rectangular silhouettes are redrawn with tight waists and heavy collars in this exercise of punk craftsmanship, into which masculine corsetry is incorporated for the first time. With a vibrant palette of colors that is inspired by the four Pompeian styles, tones of white, beige and black are energized with injections of purple, coral and a dark aquamarine. On the other hand, checkerboard and fire prints, add the final brushstrokes to this imaginative amalgam, making it work in perfect harmony.

The accessories of the collection enhance the looks with printed maxibags, headdresses, balaclava and charms, in addition to the jewels of anGostura, created especially for the occasion.


Palomo Spain Fashion Show SS 2020
SS 2020 Palomo Spain Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Palomo Spain
SS 2020 Fashion Show Palomo Spain
Spring 2020 Menswear Palomo Spain
Summer 2020 Fashion Trends Palomo Spain

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Thom Browne Fashion Show SS 2020 Paris
Thom Browne Fashion Show SS 2020
SS 2020 Thom Browne Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Thom Browne
SS 2020 Fashion Show Thom Browne
Spring 2020 Menswear Thom Browne
Summer 2020 Fashion Trends Thom Browne

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Loewe Fashion Show SS 2020 Paris
Loewe Fashion Show SS 2020


Populating the LOEWE Men’s Spring Summer 2020 show space inside the auditorium of the Maison de l’UNESCO, nine works by the London- based artist Hilary Lloyd are shown on monitors mounted on vertical chrome columns and trolleys. Spanning almost a decade (2008-17), the works examine aspects of the natural and built worlds, often capturing off the-cuff or staged moments from the artist’s everyday experience.

The shifting character of Lloyd’s gaze —fixed, fluid or fractured— combines with an emphasis on the physical apparatus of the installation to imbue her work with sculptural presence and subliminal eroticism. From near-static works such as Shirt and Plant to the looping repetition or disco-style strobing of Easter Bunny and Jewellery, Lloyd’s works resist classical notions of duration whilst imposing a formalised, architectural frame.

In dialogue with Lloyd’s work, the collection invokes otherworldly perspectives of the day-to-day through a dream-like filter. Long and pure, the silhouette revolves around harmonious ensembles of texture and line disrupted, at times, by the tension of new volumes. Affirming LOEWE’s dedication to global craft, the house signature oro ‘cashmere’ suede mingles with locally-woven textiles in tunic and caftan shapes with split placket and buckled yoke details. From Bangladesh: hand-embroidered red and white cotton; from Burkina Faso: hand-dyed and woven indigo cloth; and from Japan: ultrafine blue linen denim and punched cotton gauze.

Complementing nautical archetypes from sailor’s shirts to washed silk dungarees, monochrome short suits in layers of poplin and voile meet airy knits and tanks in chevron or vertical stripes. Technical satin appears in accents on dry wool tuxedos or as an unlined raglan trench coat, as the new LOEWE tailoring returns with a relaxed two-button peaked lapel blazer. Moon disc pendants are worn like totems, and organza lilies sprout marabou feathers as earrings and a brooch.

Expanding on the season’s nomadic mood, thatched moccasins, suede link sandals and boat shoes evoke outdoor summer pursuits, as lace-up boots in espadrille stripes channel LOEWE’s Spanish roots. The geometric Berlingo shoulder bag is introduced in a large size in suede, toile and calfskin. The iconic Puzzle bag is revisited in a deconstructed silhouette in supple smooth calf leather, and a new Shopper Backpack in soft napa calf leather references LOEWE’s leather savoir-faire.


SS 2020 Loewe Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Loewe
SS 2020 Fashion Show Loewe
Spring 2020 Menswear Loewe
Summer 2020 Fashion Trends Loewe

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Backstage Yohji Yamamoto Fashion Show 2020 Paris
Backstage Yohji Yamamoto Model 2020 Style
Makeup 2020 Backstage Yohji Yamamoto
Detail Model Backstage Yohji Yamamoto
Model SS 2020 Backstage Yohji Yamamoto
Model 2020 Backstage Yohji Yamamoto
Model Detail SS 2020 Backstage Yohji Yamamoto

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Yohji Yamamoto Fashion Show SS 2020 Paris
Yohji Yamamoto Fashion Show SS 2020
SS 2020 Yohji Yamamoto Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Yohji Yamamoto
SS 2020 Fashion Show Yohji Yamamoto
Spring 2020 Menswear Yohji Yamamoto
Summer 2020 Fashion Trends Yohji Yamamoto

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Issey Miyake Fashion Show SS 2020 Paris

HOMME PLISSÉ ISSEY MIYAKE is created with the intent to liberate the way men dress. The clothes are developed based on designer Issey Miyake’s research on pleating since 1988. Not only are they designed for practical use, they also convey a sense of beauty and ease in their form. HOMME PLISSÉ ISSEY MIYAKE is made for people of all ages and origins and for any occasion. It sets out to brighten up everyday life as it inspires people to express their originality in a creative way.


Issey Miyake Fashion Show SS 2020
SS 2020 Issey Miyake Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Issey Miyake
SS 2020 Fashion Show Issey Miyake
Spring 2020 Menswear Issey Miyake
Summer 2020 Fashion Trends Issey Miyake

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Acne Studios Fashion Show SS 2020 Paris
Acne Studios Fashion Show SS 2020


A collection that captures the focal point of Acne Studios – experimentation and archetypes, combined and contrasted. “Acne Studios has always been a place of experimentation, on which we have built solid foundations. It made me think of a student at art school, using its traditions to push somewhere new,” says Jonny Johansson, creative director of Acne Studios.

What guides the eye and how we see has long fascinated artists and photographers, the way they use effects to suggest details, and what can or can’t be seen. This exploration of our visual field is at the heart of Acne Studios men’s for spring/summer 2020, as if the project of an art student. The resulting pieces, with details that appear and disappear, are worn as a student would put them together: with irreverence.

Every piece connects with the original spirit of Acne Studios – indeed, Acne stands for “Ambition to Create Novel Expressions”. This sense of experimentation is found in new fabric developments; inquisitive design; unexpected combinations and a playfulness with which the pieces are put together.

A transparent acetate coat has jacquard lining beneath, sometimes obscured, sometimes visible. Acetate lapels of a tailored jacket warp the light, while acetate ties cause a blur. A denim jacket in opaque wrinkled nylon has classic topstitch detailing only down the centre of the body, all details fading away to leave an open seam at the cuff.

Cotton nylon knit striped sweaters are a new fabric development with purposefully irregular pleating, as if long-stored then found. Woven coats and shorts have patches of yarn cut away to reveal the structure beneath. Shirts run throughout, from archetypal cuts to oversized granddad collar shirts with added functional pockets, and floral shirts that hang loose on the body.

Questions of visibility are everywhere: check pants are created from wide woven strips of fabric, revealing glimpses of flesh beneath. Buckles of coats are see-through casts, the memory of the original buckle left within them. The Manhattan sneaker evolves to a new lightweight performance style, with transparent sides and overdyed. Leather sandals are oversized, providing contrast.

Student satchels are trimmed with contrast colours, or turned into clutches and cross-body bags. Sunglasses have double lenses, as if a visual echo. Chain jewellery is created from pin heads, held by cable ties. Knitted bracelets and cuffs have threads that hang down trace over the hand.


SS 2020 Acne Studios Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Acne Studios
SS 2020 Fashion Show Acne Studios
Spring 2020 Menswear Acne Studios
Summer 2020 Fashion Trends Acne Studios

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Backstage Louis Vuitton Fashion Show 2020 Paris
Backstage Louis Vuitton SS 2020
Men Models 2020 Backstage Louis Vuitton
Models Backstage Louis Vuitton
Details 2020 Backstage Louis Vuitton
Model 2020 Backstage Louis Vuitton
Models Menswear SS 2020 Backstage Louis Vuitton

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Louis Vuitton Fashion Show SS 2020 Paris

Picture a garden filled with just one type of flower, a sunrise without sunshine, or a skyline suddenly missing its age-old spire. Familiarity can programme the mind to take the most epic things for granted. For the Louis Vuitton Spring-Summer 2020 collection, men’s artistic director Virgil Abloh lionises the instinctive, the habitual and the natural.

Flowers, a staple element in fashion, are observed as a naturally occurring metaphor for diversity. In bloom, they are as beautiful on a micro level as they are on a macro level. Too often relegated to trivial motifs, flowers are wonders of nature: multi-faceted, free in expression, movement, and metamorphosis.

They are the rising stars of horticulture, an equally ordinary but highly therapeutic activity, reflective of natural harmony and peace of mind. In the cityscape, flowers blend into a horizon of unsung heroes: the magnificent buildings, bridges and pavements to which we grow accustomed and partially blind.

Seen in new light, or wrapped in different packaging, they emerge in newfound splendour. On Place Dauphine, a routine stroll across Pont Neuf from the Louis Vuitton studios, the postcard scenery of Paris sets the frame for the show. The mundanity of everyday café life, walks across the Seine, crêpe stands, and tree-lined square ambience harmonises with the typical idea of boyhood bliss: a bouncy castle, ice cream, balloons, and kite-flying.

The show is surrounded by the remarkable Parisian architecture we couldn’t live without. Through the stages of boyhood, young men’s encounter with clothes and fashion is yet to be influenced by societal programming. Our exploration of dress codes is still liberated of those codes; of social norms, gender conventions, and cultural conduct.

As we get older, we intuitively adapt to the familiarity of our surroundings. In a digital age oversaturated with views and visual data, stopping to smell the roses de-programmes the mind and makes new space for freedom of thought.


Louis Vuitton Fashion Show SS 2020
SS 2020 Louis Vuitton Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Louis Vuitton
SS 2020 Fashion Show Louis Vuitton
Spring 2020 Menswear Louis Vuitton
Summer 2020 Fashion Trends Louis Vuitton

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