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Ermanno Scervino Fashion Show FW 2020 Milan

Ermanno Scervino © Copyright 2020

For Ermanno Scervino, harmony is achieved through contrasts, which speak of women and their many yet consistent personalities. Female and masculine, delicacy and strength, light-heartedness and rigour meet and
interact, but they never clash.

Precious lace blends with classic-patterned full-bodied wool, essential, clean-cut silhouettes are paired with romantic softness, animal prints with frivolous frills. Harmony is in this tension of opposites, which is resolved through elegant synthesis and Italian unique craftsmanship.

This collection is once again filled with elegant contrasts, expressed with gentle force. The statement is essential, tense, vibrant, with an emphasis on workmanship and balanced, harmonious design: flawless suits; down jackets designed as couture pieces; enveloping coats and knitwear; flowing gowns, lace undergarments and tuxedos.

The result is a wardrobe with pieces for every occasion, including Scervino’s signature double tailored outerwear, panels and fine embroidery, and lingerie-style details. Care and precision translate into unparalleled softness. The garments drape around the body, they enhance the person.

There are no signs of stiffness. This blend of wool, tweed, velvet, cashmere and silk comes in a white, black and black-and-white palette with hints of yellow, gold and light blue, notes of neutral colours and nightly peaks of black and lurex. It is an unconditional celebration of feminine beauty.

Ermanno Scervino Fashion Show FW 2020
FW 2020-21 Ermanno Scervino Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Ermanno Scervino
FW 2020-21 Fashion Show Ermanno Scervino
Fall 2020 Womenswear Ermanno Scervino
Winter 2020 Fashion Trends Ermanno Scervino

Thu, February 27 2020 » Fashion Blog


Missoni Fashion Show FW 2020 Milan

Missoni © Copyright 2020

The narrative and emotional power of geometry is underestimated. As any other rigorous discipline, instead, geometry is full of feelings and nuances, as Edwin A. Abbott demonstrated a long ago in Flatland – A Romance of many dimensions.

This very geometric, unabashedly graphic Missoni collection is a story of feminine strength, empowerment and self awareness, told in straight lines, bold clean volumes, skin flashing throughout and the womanly taste for self decoration – using jewelry to add further layers to the story.

The freewheeling Missoni spirit is still there, but it marches to a beat of horizontal, diagonal and vertical stripes that shift, move, swing, wrap on and around the body, leaving no way to froth and frivolity – up to a point. The glittering of metal adds sparkle to a dense palette of earthy and burnt tones lit with dashes of red and turquoise.

Outerwear is bold and protective; blouson-cardigans have kimono closures and cropped tailored jackets in boxy shapes are worn with big trousers tucked into boots. Underneath, dresses and leggings cling to the body or reveal it, suggesting body-consciousness as just another facet of feminine power.

Even the New Bags with narrow scarves as straps have an assertive geometric presence. After dark, patterns melt and everything gets soft.

Menswear is just as bold in shape, sensual, and equally glittery. The neatness of the design lets geometry explode in a frenzy of patchwork, swarming everywhere and in every size, from micro to macro.

A Missoni signature through and through, patchwork is Missoni-ism elevated to an nth: a way to reaffirm optimism in these turbulent times. Letting geometry take the lead in the most playful and graphic of ways, patchwork allows for endless kaleidoscopic variations.

As such, it is luxuriously narrative, which finally demonstrates the theorem: the emotional power of geometry is potent. A warm thank you to Cameranebbia for their contribution to the setting of the show.

Missoni Fashion Show FW 2020
FW 2020-21 Missoni Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Missoni
FW 2020-21 Fashion Show Missoni
Fall 2020 Menswear Missoni
Winter 2020 Fashion Trends Missoni

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MSGM Fashion Show FW 2020 Milan

MSGM © Copyright 2020

MSGM Fashion Show FW 2020
FW 2020-21 MSGM Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show MSGM
FW 2020-21 Fashion Show MSGM
Fall 2020 Womenswear MSGM
Winter 2020 Fashion Trends MSGM

Wed, February 26 2020 » Fashion Blog


Bottega Veneta Fashion Show FW 2020 Milan
Bottega Veneta Fashion Show FW 2020

An explosion of vitality and movement, the Fall 2020 collection celebrates a sublime evolution. Rooted in a new dimension. Immersed in a dream. A poetic sensuality pervades every garment. The security of the vulnerability. Pure self-expression.

Rich wax palettes enhance the depth of the black colors;scarlet, lollipop, kiwi and chocolate. Elongated silhouettes wrap and adhere to the body. Refined comfort and warmth.

The delicate nuances of socks and bandages recall the curves and sinuosities of the body. Joy. Grace. Form. The braided continues to emerge, revolutionized by modernity.

The tension between tradition and innovation. Delicate family heirlooms glisten behind amplified fringes and perverse layers. A sense of loss and discovery. Hypnotic ornaments blend and move beyond intimacy.

Staff. Comforting. Sensitive. A fascinating journey through everyday life. A new elegance suitable for any eventuality.

FW 2020-21 Bottega Veneta Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Bottega Veneta
FW 2020-21 Fashion Show Bottega Veneta
Fall 2020 Womenswear Bottega Veneta
Winter 2020 Fashion Trends Bottega Veneta

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Marco De Vincenzo Fashion Show FW 2020 Milan
Marco De Vincenzo Fashion Show FW 2020

As in the children’s drawings, where the proportions are subjective. Where objects or people are represented without thinking about how they really are. Change the proportions of things. Enlarge them and reduce them as you wish. An explosion of shapes that dictates new rules.

The brooch on the sweaters is so oversized that it is no longer the detail, but the protagonist. Garments and accessories as if they were enlarged by a copier. The shoes have stilettos larger than 200 percent, and the result is a game of curved and wide lines, almost like a comic book.

The knitting stitch is giant, almost exploded. So also that of the stitching of jackets and skirts. The micro doll coats, the sweaters; everything is disproportionate. The typical zipped men’s wallet is no longer a pocket accessory, but a mini bag with handles and shoulder strap.

It is the magic of a girl who no longer plays with her mother’s wardrobe, but creates a new one for herself. The lady like becomes a completely personal fun, mixing macro and micro.

FW 2020-21 Marco De Vincenzo Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Marco De Vincenzo
FW 2020-21 Fashion Show Marco De Vincenzo
Fall 2020 Womenswear Marco De Vincenzo
Winter 2020 Fashion Trends Marco De Vincenzo

Wed, February 26 2020 » Fashion Blog


Iceberg Fashion Show FW 2020 Milan

Iceberg © Copyright 2020

Iceberg presents the new Fall/Winter 2020 a contemporary luxury sporty, grungy and punk womenswear collection. The new season encapsulates the brand’s world: knitwear first of all, as well as outerwear with diamond-shaped quilting, the skilful mix and match of fabrics, all those details that define luxury sportswear and the cartoon influence.

The undisputed star of this collection is the brand’s knitwear expertise. Technical three-dimensional knitwear, glossy, luxurious and meticulously designed. Macramé angora, fluffy mohair and wet-look sequins on relaxed, comfy silhouettes. Slanting geometric patterns play with the diagonal maxi sports shapes.

The diamond quilting, marked by small “I”s, of the cocoon bomber jackets and fitted tailored knitted coats, flows from the tops and ends on the super-slim midi skirts.

New shapes for jackets, knitted corsets, trousers and also asymmetrical dresses, define a new femininity. Short blazers, masculine trousers with a cube lettering print. Lace and tulle, embroidered, mixed and overlaid, create a more evening, clubby feel.

The Jetsons, are incorporated on the iconic sweaters, made with double effect embossed diamond stitching and balloon sleeves. “I need my space” and “out of this world” adorn the signature knits ironic and humours simultaneously.

Textured fabrics such jacquard cady + scuba, embellished with lurex, including a split version, make every single outfit shine. A tailored piumino over coat and elongated knitwear are adorned with the collage mash up work of close friend and colaborator contemporary British artist, Eddie Peake.

Accessories: earmuffs in faux fur, hats, gloves in quilted nylon and lurex socks. Sporty boots and puffy bag. Frosted silver and pure galactic whites are juxtaposed with the black and gold of wild techno parties. Military green and acid green, red and pink.

Iceberg Fashion Show FW 2020
FW 2020-21 Iceberg Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Iceberg
FW 2020-21 Fashion Show Iceberg
Fall 2020 Womenswear Iceberg
Winter 2020 Fashion Trends Iceberg

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Marni Fashion Show FW 2020 Milan
Marni Fashion Show FW 2020
FW 2020 21 Marni Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Marni
FW 2020 21 Fashion Show Marni
Fall 2020 Womenswear Marni
Winter 2020 Fashion Trends Marni

Tue, February 25 2020 » Fashion Blog


Sportmax Fashion Show FW 2020 Milan

Sportmax © Copyright 2020

This season, ensembles bear messages that transcend mere aesthetics. The Sportmax Fall-Winter 2020/21 women’s collection confronts both the imminence of a hyper-technological future and the pursuit of a connection with a deeper sense of self. A balanced dichotomy between two scenarios, the latest Sportmax collection also permeates a positive outlook that is open to dialogue, encounters and reciprocal discovery.

Fall-Winter is an embrace of style between a structured mood and a futuristic one, in terms of accents. The sweetness of female silhouettes is imbued with an authentic seductiveness, void of stereotypes.

On the runway, outerwear, the eternal symbol of the brand, takes center stage. Capes, coats, jackets and raincoats are fashioned with unconventional rows of buttons and are updated with exaggerated shoulders, detachable collars and decor embellishments.

Jackets are often defined by compact volumes that compliment short skirts or high-waisted, slightly-flared trousers. The same slacks and skirts are effortlessly married with the billowing elegance of delicate blouses lavished with demi ruffles or anterior plissé.

Layered vests and bodices are dominated by faux leather in solid colours or silver matched with fluid silk and knit dresses. Leather is also worked into pleated inserts or combined with knits, infused into tops, jumpsuits, skirts and pants.

A recurring element is the coordinated outfit, complete with coats and skirts, united by the same materials. Sartorial techniques derived from the tuxedo have been extended to a dress-coat combo version with satin lapels. Denim, incorporated with touches of duchesse, are also a homage to the classic tuxedo.

Dresses are a play on traditional tailoring, revealing underlying fabrics and asymmetrical silhouettes that facilitate three-dimensional effect. A delicate softness accentuates a sinuous figure.

The colour palette is a blend of neutral tones such as camel and khaki, juxtaposed by deeper colours such as navy blue, grey mélange — punctuated by white, pinks and light blues. Predominantly floral prints, as well as délabré upholstery-style patterns and jacquard motifs infuse a sense of levity into an overall futuristic theme.

Boots expand beyond the knee, fashioned with a sculpture heel. Sandals are crafted with ankle straps, while sneakers are reminiscent of astronaut footwear. The Space-Age concept is further emphasised by ultra-scenographic eyewear.

Sportmax Fashion Show FW 2020
FW 2020-21 Sportmax Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Sportmax
FW 2020-21 Fashion Show Sportmax
Fall 2020 Womenswear Sportmax
Winter 2020 Fashion Trends Sportmax

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Backstage Moschino Fashion Show 2020 Milan
Backstage Moschino Model Womenswear
Model 2020 Backstage Moschino
Model Backstage Moschino
Woman Model 2020 Backstage Moschino
Models 2020 Backstage Moschino
Model Womenswear 2020 Backstage Moschino

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Moschino Fashion Show FW 2020 Milan
Moschino Fashion Show FW 2020

From the gilded extravagances of Marie Antoinette to the candy-bright colors of Tokyo, Jeremy Scott’s Moschino Fall 2020 womenswear collection is all about fantasy, fun—and a bit of irony.

Think: the one-time Queen of France, but cosplayed today. Or, alternatively, as Scott calls her, “Anime Antoinette” stepping out from a flat-screen in 2020, time-traveling in reverse, and holding court in Versailles.

Through it all, an insurrectionary fire burns; when the elite rule with ignorance and decadence, rebellions stir. This is where Scott’s paradox surfaces; the collection is built on hedonism, but it’s the kind of fun that comes with fangs.

The palette is packed with frosting-pastels and hyper-saturation. Shapes are extra-exaggerated. The surreal gets sugar-coated. Farthingale and pannier-waist dresses are morphed into new silhouettes with hybridized hoodies or moto-jackets.

Denim is accented with gold threading; that same metallic embroidery appears as cherubs on skirt hems or leather lapels. Frilled hems add a lighthearted kick, while rainbow jewel-toned velvets recall a more recent sort of nostalgia (the 1760’s meeting, the 1960’s). Toile de Jouy motifs are reimagined with anime characters in situ. 

As a cherry on top, Scott’s finale evening gowns—designed to mimic tiered cakes—act as a tongue-in-cheek take on Marie Antoinette’s famous alleged quote. (Whether or not she actually said “let them eat cake” is besides the point; the confectionery cocktail dresses stand as a sly comment on the denseness of certain people in power). 

Of course, in the Moschino timeline, satire and subversion is always envisioned with both grand theater and good humor.

FW 2020-21 Moschino Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Moschino
FW 2020-21 Fashion Show Moschino
Fall 2020 Womenswear Moschino
Winter 2020 Fashion Trends Moschino

Tue, February 25 2020 » Fashion Blog

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