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Trussardi Fashion Show FW 2018 Milan
Trussardi Fashion Show FW 2018


Family as tribe. The fast modernity of Milan, with no nostalgia. And the cult of Italian savoir-faire, from the quality of the materials to the mental attitude of doing everything well and with style. Multi-ethnic, unrestrained by function or role, the Trussardi Fall Winter 2018/19 Men’s and Women’s Collection is writing a new aesthetic language dedicated to an urban gang of guys and girls, fictional and yet real, caught between tradition and contemporary revolutions. An antithesis? No, just the opposite: their way of dressing, their clothing is in fact the synthesis, the crasis, perhaps the solution to continuity between these two worlds.

First of all the Trussardi clothing collection, where each piece become elements: the oversize coat constructed to perfection, the trousers with a wide, perfect line, the fluid skirt with a split, the essential knitwear, the sartorial Blazer, the Biker jacket. And the leather: of the highest quality, handmade or glittery, brightened up with prints or woven into tartan patterns. And again embellished with markings like imaginary punctuation.

These are the milestones of Trussardi style, intentionally timeless, that shatter the distinction between city and mountains, daywear and casualwear. The tartan comes in all sizes, from micro to macro, popping up in every category, from day to evening. Prints of mountains or skiers go from the most athletic pieces to sleek eveningwear, overturning classic usage. And the colours, chosen from the shades of light that separate dawn from day and dusk from night, lend new depth to the iconic pieces in the collection.

The silhouettes are all vertical, large, often highlighting the waist with an air of solemnity. The lines, on the other hand, are fluid, fast and dynamic. It is a style oxymoron that can bring together agility and sophistication, references from yesterday’s wardrobe and the disenchanted attitude of today’s metropolitan tribes.


Accessories are the frame for making the message even clearer. Maxi unisex pouches and backpacks in technical fabrics. Extra-large shoppers in printed leather or personalised with embroidered logos and fur details. The bag with a three-compartment interior in various colours and interchangeable straps is the result of the finest Italian craftsmanship.

The greyhound is stylised and becomes a new thin closure with a dual purpose: a shoulder strap or top handle. Finally the shoes: the men’s model, iconic and very traditional with the tongue and two side buckles, lends its form to the ladies’ new mid heel styles. And for the men, deck shoes, another icon from the classic wardrobe, are revisited in a creative way that overturns the boundary between sportswear and formal wear.


FW 2018-19 Trussardi Fashion Show
Man Model Fashion Show Trussardi
Man FW 2018-19 Fashion Show Trussardi
Fall 2018-19 Womenswear Trussardi
Winter 2018 Fashion Trends Trussardi

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Trussardi Fashion Show SS 2017 Milan
Trussardi Fashion Show SS 2017


With courageous experimentation and a contemporary aesthetic, the style is fueled by paradox and hybridization, the security of tradition and the absurdities of modern life.

For the Trussardi Women’s Collection Spring/Summer 2017, Gaia Trussardi uses fashion as a sort of universal dialog to unite worlds, cultures and questions on the consequences of the post-modern age.

What we know about Italian elegance and upper-class society, the core elements of the Trussardi aesthetic, is combined with the often misunderstood and dissonant elements of countercultures and the Digital Age, like a rap song mixing past and present with a frenetic beat.

References are philosophical and pop: on one hand there is Theodor W. Adorno and his post-modern theories, while on the other is the cinematic drift of Baz Luhrmann, the director of film masterpieces such as Romeo+Juliet and Moulin Rouge and the recent TV series The Get Down.

The Elegantly Pop concept boldly reinterprets, revives and revs up the finest tradition, giving it a contemporary vibe. The uptown wardrobe features Lurex leggings with graphic prints resembling trainer pants. The reassuring, tasteful minimalist colors of the late seventies clash with the glossy, dazzling hues of the eighties. Logo motifs are printed on shantung and gauze that are used instead of wool for the new “pop suit”.

Oversized jackets, made of shiny leather in vibrant colors or suede in subtle, dusty shades, are worn over pencil skirts or with high-waisted tapered jeans. Denim shines with silvery laminated elements given a craquelé effect. Logo prints dominate and contrast. The flat cable-stitching of country club knits is transformed into ghetto-style trim on oversized trousers. Python leather in Pop Art hues is used to accent more classic pieces like the frame of a videogame image.

Accessories are just as bold. Footwear features the square-toe loafer, while boot heels are decorated with a multicolored leather patchwork motif. Trussardi’s new iconic Lovy Bag dazzles with polka dots, logo prints, and colorful shiny leathers.

Even the jewelry exclusively created for Trussardi by young jewelry designer Maria Vittoria Paolillo perfectly blends with and completes the looks.


SS 2017 Trussardi Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Trussardi
SS 2017 Fashion Show Trussardi
Spring 2017 Womenswear Trussardi
Summer 2017 Fashion Trends Trussardi

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Fall Fashion Woman Trussardi Collection 2015
Fall Fashion Woman Trussardi Collection


Sensuality and rigour. Gaia Trussardi contrasts sleek seduction with the aplomb of the uniform in the Trussardi Fall/Winter 2015-16 collection.

She looks to the minimalist movement from which she draws precision and expressive simplicity, but she gives it a contemporary twist by adding a fusion of different influences, contrasts and unexpected elements.

The result is vibrant, dazzling purism that focuses on the woman with her inalienable individuality, dressing her in glamorous clothes with shimmering futurist touches.

The silhouette is sleek and clean yet full of contrasts. The body – agile and dynamic – is perceived underneath garments with simple silhouettes, revealed by light, transparent fabrics and accentuated by restrained asymmetries.

Oversized coats with dramatic martial allure, caban jackets and short menswear-style jackets are worn over slip dresses and camisoles that follow the body’s curves and movements and are made of amazing and totally unexpected plongé nappa leather.

The sensual simplicity of boned tops and bustiers inspired by corsetry contrasts with the severity of the outerwear, with the cool shimmer of Lurex, and with the tactile textures of bulky rustic sweaters featuring different knit patterns made of yarn with metallic glimmers.

The continuous use of contrasts creates a seductive tension. Subversive touches break the ranks: multiple bracelets are worn and craquelé leather is given a metallic sheen. Top-stitching normally used on gloves becomes a precious and distinctive detail on garments.

The stars of this collection are the materials – plongé leather, glove leather, teaseled felt, and double cashmere cloth – enhanced by the simplicity of the design.

The color palette is natural with mineral glimmers: shades of nude, cream, gray, and spicy green with flashes of copper and bronze.

Accessories are pragmatic yet luxurious: open-toe booties and shapely boots with chunky metallic heels, saddlebags, bucket bags, briefcases, and patterned clutches.


Winter 2015 Fashion Show Trussardi Collection
Winter Trends 2015 Trussardi Collection
Fall Winter 2015 16 Fashion Collection Trussardi
2016 Fall Fashion Woman Trussardi Collection
Fall 2015 Women Fashion Show Trussardi Collection

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Trussardi Woman Milan Fashion WeekTrussardi Woman Milan Fashion Week


Athleticism. The search for an Olympian ideal that creates a new dialog between physicality and clothes. Gaia Trussardi is inspired by a toned, lithe, real figure for the Trussardi Spring/Summer 2015 collection. Rejecting the contemporary culture of absolute virtuality and the disconnection between mind and body, she admires the timeless elegance of athletes and imagines a dynamic and sophisticated woman. Combining a taste for competition and a search for authentic luxury, this collection reaffirms the salient traits of the Trussardi DNA: savoir faire, experimentation, and modernity. The star of the collection is leather and the tone is sharp, sleek, and graphic: free of excess, it rejects indolence, also in the wardrobe.

The silhouette is dynamic. Tank tops, jumpsuits, miniskirts and shorts reinterpret sportswear and create unusual contrasts when worn with perforated suede coats and ultra-light duster coats. Leather dresses with V-necklines and cap sleeves accentuate the physique, while Olympian patterns create energetic lines that run through the entire wardrobe, making it even more dynamic. Trussardi’s iconic pieces – the biker and bomber jackets, the jumpsuit and the suit – are all reinterpreted from a perspective of competitive sports, transfigured through the use of superb leathers and figure-flattering cuts. Trousers are form-fitting or have a high waist with pleats to give a subtle sense of movement. Menswear-style suits made of technical jersey have high-performance aplomb. Short knit playsuits bring to mind vintage swimsuits, while striped Lurex is the star of elegant jumpsuits for evening. Jeans are a must and fundamental throughout the collection.

The edgy simplicity of the design is reinforced by the vibrant texture of the materials: cotton with raised patterns, jersey, denim, perforated suede and nappa, ostrich, and elaphe leather. The color palette is saturated and classic yet shines with unexpected contrasts: white, denim blue, tan, with notes of pistachio and burgundy and Lurex glimmers.

The idea of dynamic, timeless luxury continues in the bags: beauty cases, luggage and sleek Bugatti-style bags come in crocodile or perforated leather. The new hunter bag reveals a new design take on a Trussardi classic that transforms ribbed seaming, an expression of exquisite artisan workmanship, into a distinctive motif. White perforated leather shoes with a wood heel and beach sandals add a graphic touch to the look.

With this collection, Gaia Trussardi’s vision is precise yet spontaneous, just like the winning stroke in a tennis match. It is the thoughtful result of someone who, like an athlete, works hard to improve each day. Effortlessly and elegantly tracing the path created by a trailblazing family, she aces it.


Summer Trussardi Trends 2015 Woman
Summer 2015 Fashion Show Trussardi
Spring Summer 2015 Fashion Model Trussardi
Spring 2015 Woman Fashion Show Trussardi

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Trussardi Man Milano Fashion Week


From the city streets to the desert

For next summer, Trussardi sets off on a new journey, taking its man from the city streets to the desert. Endless arid scenery flooded with dazzling light: the hustling city is abandoned for a new adventure in the heart of the sandy empire where the Trussardi man puts his masculinity and strength to the test. Clean lines and a dusty color palette express authentic understated luxury.

An active and charismatic man who loves adventure

The silhouette is flowing and natural. The desert palette is inspired by the passing hours on the sand dunes: cool notes of light blue, beige, pale green, and chalk brightened with flashes of terracotta and blue to compose a rich texture. The desert is transfigured into intriguing materials with texture such as leather and rough canvas.

Leather, the signature material of Trussardi, is turned into an impalpable, opaque fabric. Used for raw-cut jackets, duster coats, K-way jackets, Bermuda shorts, shirts, slim-fit five-pocket jeans, leather is once again the absolute star of the entire men’s collection.

When leather is paired up with rough textured canvas, it creates a visually seductive and tactilely intriguing play of contrasts. Wrinkled surfaces are combined with naturalistic prints, and oversized sweaters reveal the soft side of this collection with roughly elegant allure.

Accessories in opaque materials – hobo bags, multi-pocket canvas shoulder bags, and backpacks made of buffalo, ostrich, and nappa python leather – accompany the Trussardi man through the desert dunes. This is the wardrobe of the perfect modern traveler who loves understated luxury.


Summer Trussardi Trends 2014 Man
Summer 2014 Fashion Show Trussardi
Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Men's Collection Trussardi
Summer 2014 Fashion Trends Trussardi

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Trussardi men reopen the closet, pack their bags and travel towards Palazzo Trussardi in Milan. Some of them drive vintage cars, some arrive in their BMW Series 5 GT Trussardi, others by taxi from the airport, or in a limousine or Trussardi bicycle. Some arrive alone, some in groups: The Trussardi Boys are all different however all of them share the same timeless elegance.
In the year that Maison del Levriero turns 100 years old, ator archives, the memories, but also the life and habits of the Trussardi family are the vocabulary of the new Spring Summer 2012 menswear collection, designed by Umit Benan. The clothes and travel accessories that wrote the story of Trussardi in the ’80s return in an essential collection, where the simple yet radical icons of history meet with the sensitivity and the taste of the future. Trussardi is a symbol of elegance and becomes a source of inspiration for new generations.
Personality, charisma, passion, and the pioneering spirit of Nicola Trussardi is seen throughout the entire collection.
The Trussardi man loves to travel, and is a citizen of the world that embodies the charm of an all-Italian Dolce Vita. He moves with spontaneity, determination and class in double-breasted outfits withunstructured shoulders that thanks the use of light fabrics like linen and silk evoke relaxed elegance. The high-waisted trousers with pleats fall lightly on the loafers or on classic shoes in precious leather. The single-breasted casual jackets, made in soft leather, are juxtaposed with pants and t-shirt fabrics with micro patterns inspired by the original choices from the historical archives: drawings from the retro touch, tone on tone or contrasting stripes and a kaleidoscopic print that plays with the initial of Trussardi. The Trussardi collection uses vibrant and sophisticated colors: shades of blue, burgundy, chocolate and those of cobalt, cornflower blue, powder pink, peach, salmon and gray. The shapes, materials and colors express a relaxing summer lived with great elegance: each piece is a reinterpretation of a historic piece of clothing and expresses the way of being Trussardi, the lifestyle brand, ready-to-live of Levriero.




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Trussardi 1911 Men’s Collection Fall Winter 2011-2012 – Pitti Immagine

Trussardi 1911 Men's Collection Fall Winter 2011-2012 - Pitti
Trussardi 1911 Men's Collection Fall Winter 2011-2012 - Pitti
Trussardi 1911 Men's Collection Fall Winter 2011-2012 - Pitti
Trussardi 1911 Men's Collection Fall Winter 2011-2012 - Pitti
Trussardi 1911 Men's Collection Fall Winter 2011-2012 - Pitti

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